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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Choose Online Booking?
  • Completely Integrated with your Web Site - One of the key benefits of SalonBuilder is that it is all under one roof. Your customers get a consistent experience between all the interactions on your site- gift sales, appointments, guest forms and more. Your service and staff lists power the appointment book, so when you need to make a schedule or staffing change, there's just one place to update.

  • Configurable Booking Services - Request / Response Mode allows you to take any appointment time your clients request and manually schedule an appointment on or near the requested time. You can even double book and fit appointments however you please. If you want the system to provide more intelligence, Booking wizard mode thinks like a booking agent, looking at the times you have available, how long the services take, and then booking clients only during open times.

  • Auto Confirmations and Text Message Confirmations - You may choose to have the system auto-confirm or manually confirm each appointment. To manually confirm, you may choose to receive an email and a text message to your phone when the appointment is requested. Sending back a simple id code to the text service confirms the appointment.

  • Powerful Booking Rules - You can set weekly schedules for each employee along with break times, and specify which services each person offers, and all services will be booked according to the openings on your calendar. You can also set up resources like treatment rooms or pedicure chairs to prevent over booking services that use resources. You may set different schedules week by week or month by month in advance to allow accurate scheduling of employees and resources.

  • User Account Management - Allow your clients to set up username/password accounts which they can then use to log in in the future and pre-fill their contact info. Clients can also cancel appointments and manage their profile. This feature may be turned off if you do not wish to allow customer online accounts.

  • Dynamic Calendar Interfaces - There are multiple views to see your appointment activity, including lists of appointments that have been requested/booked recently with one-click confirmations, and interchangeable monthly and daily calendar views to easily see and move appointments on the calendar with drag-drop functionality.

  • Flexible Reminders - You decide which types of reminders and confirmations to offer- email, text or even automated voice calls. Then your clients can choose how they wish to be contacted, and the system manages all of these contacts for you, providing simple tools to reach your customers and decrease no-shows. Hearing “I forgot” will be a thing of the past!

  • Template Confirmations - You can set up template emails to go out as confirmations, reminders and other interactions. This allows you to create your own custom messages with offers and customized calls to action for all automated contacts initiated by the system.

  • Voice Calling System - Imagine being able to communicate with a friendly, personal voice greeting that includes all the relevant information about a client's upcoming appointment, without ever having to pick up the phone. You can now do this with the SalonBuilder VoiceBox, a revolutionary automated voice calling system for the salon and spa industry. Each outgoing call can include a greeting in your own voice, followed by all the appointment information, read by one of our sophisticated speech bots including date, service, and provider... and you may even include an additional personal message at the end. These calls can be sent with one click of the mouse along with text messages and email confirmations, or set to go out automatically - without any interaction on your part - to remind customers of their upcoming appointments.

  • Intuitive User Interface - Search as you Type dropdowns will anticipate what you are typing to make it easier to look up customers and service names. Special functions look up appointment openings on-the-fly as you fill out an appointment form, allowing you to efficiently slot appointments as you enter customer data.

  • Export Features - Easily export client lists as text files or vcards and calendars as iCal to sync with other programs like Google Calendar, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Microsoft Outlook.

  • Scalable and Extensible - The booking system supports any number of users from a single stylist to a multiple-location, multi-chair buisiness with many employees and varying scheduules.

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