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"I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with your web site building tool. We have only had our site up for several weeks and already we have had walk ins that found us on the web. The search engines are working well and your site is so easy to use. My computer skills are limited but this was so easy to set up. The few times I did contact your customer support, the response was fast and friendly. Thank you Salon Builder, this was exactly what my business needed and it's a HUGE bargain compared to other advertising mediums such as the yellow pages."

Kari S.
Salon 152
Mustang, OK
Member since: December, 2009

"I'd just like to take a minute to tell you how much wonderful feedback I am getting on the website I created with I have attracted new clients through web searches due to the highly professional look, and even had customers tell me it makes me look like an international star! LOL Thanks for such a terrific product!!!

P.S. Feel free to use my testimonial! :o)"

Shanda L.
Soleil Bleu
Oconomowoc, WI
Member since: November, 2008

"Thank you so much for going out of your way for me today. Choosing your company has been one of the best decisions I've made during this expansion. thank you for showing you TRULEY care about what I'm doing---your customer service you show is unheard of in this day and age."

Lia K.
Hair to Stay Salon & Spa
Villa Park, IL
Member since: October, 2008

"You are a true testiment to what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet describe. They always say find people & companies who are willing to provide customer focus solutions rather than customer focus excuses. Thanks you so much for giving us a leg up, it's much appreciated!."

Tony F.
Lauralynn At the Strand
Miami, FL
Member since: July, 2010

"You guys have been a huge part of our success (I consider still having our doors open in this economy a success) over the years. The fact that I get 90-95% of my new business from internet searches, and that the website converts them to me after they read the content, shows that what we're doing is working. Can't argue with that.

When I give thanks at Thanksgiving tomorrow, you and your company will be on my list (as you are always in my heart)."

Jill W.
Perfections Salon
Cincinnati, OH
Member since: August, 2002

"I so very much appreciate your passion in your business. I have suggested Salon Builder to many people. You really care and take personal interest in, I'm sure, each account. As I told u before, I am not a computer person! I knew I was doing something wrong! I am so grateful what u did with my services pg! Yay!!! I had no idea u would put so much effort into helping out a situation, otherwise I would've emailed u my problems wayyyyyy sooner!!

I think this is a strength of Salon Builder's that u should market a little more!! Seriously, stylists, or even people that aren't in the computer field get frustrated & want to get it done. Most sites aren't so personal. If everyone knew how committed & dedicated u are, they all would be with Salon Builder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never leave!!!

I'll be the first to sign up on a testimonial page for your company!! Thank u again!"

Lynae T.
Style by Lynae
Raleigh, NC
Member since: October, 2007

"We are Soooo grateful for the recent upgrades you have done to SalonBuilder! When I first saw the new options, it was like going into my favorite dress shop and being so excited I didn't know which one to try on first!!!"

Mary B.
Touch Spa & Salon
Fort Myers, FL
Member since: May, 2009

"I've gotten about 26 responses to tell me how good the website is...One customer I had not seen in 4 years found the website trying to find me as we had lost touch. She flew in from Tokyo Japan and came in Sunday to have $600.00 worth of services and purchases and came in just for a salon appt. So, I have already gotten more than my money's worth. Thanks for inviting me to get you as a web service."

Irma M.
Houston, TX
Member since: July, 2008

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help, for the last few years that I have been with SalonBuilder, you have always helped me out... It has make my life easier as well as saved me time and money. Again...Thank you."

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to fix the mistakes on my site so quickly. I have been with you for almost five years and during this time you and your company have always shown exceptional service, not only doing whats necessary but doing it effortlessly and going the extra mile. THANKS AGAIN!"

Anthony T.
Williamsville, NY
Member since: April, 2004

"Just wanted to say thank you and great job!! Your services have been excellent from the start but the new improvements in the email promotions will greatly help my business."

Mary M.
Studion 1 Hair Designers
Greenbush, NY
Member since: October, 2007

"I appreciate your help as usual! As for general traffic, I am getting a really good response so far... my email box is filled daily with questions and appointment requests. The Guest Book is looking really good as well!! I absolutely love this website and the format. Thank you again so much..."

Jennifer R.
Staten Island, NY
Member since: July, 2003

"Thank you... I can only imagine what our web hits will be next month... we had 23,719 in September which I think is awesome!!! I LOVE MY WEBSITE... I recommend you on every message board... you guys are GREAT!"

Kay K.
Chambersburg, PA
Member since: December, 2004

"You need to know that I have booked about 5 NEW people this week. They go into City Search and when I ask them why our Salon over some others they say 'due to your web site'."

William O.
New York, NY
Member since: August, 2002

We Value our Clients and They Value Us as Well
Over the years the SalonBuilder team has been working hard to provide the best customer support possible. We spend extra time working with our members to answer questions and ensure they understand how to use SalonBuilder tools. Our goal is to help every Salon or Spa owner understand how to maximize the benefits of having a website. We have built lasting relationships with most of our active members and in response we get positive feedback all the time. Above are just a few of our favorite messages that can attest to our great customer support and the benefits of becoming a member.

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