The only problem is that many of these salon products, such as Paul Mitchell brand shampoos and conditioners, that you find in drugstores and grocery stores, have been diverted.  This means that you could be getting expired, stolen, and unregulated or fake product.

Studio 7 the Salon and Spa Senior Sylist Molly Mummert, and Owner Rosalind Holsey were recently interviewed by ABC 2 News Baltimore about this issue:

“Diversion is the unauthorized sale of professional products to a third-party or a wholesaler. Paul Mitchell calls it a back-door deal,” said Molly Mummert, a senior stylist at Studio 7 The Salon and Spa.  “John Paul Mitchell Systems only guarantees their products purchased from a professional beauty salon and not from a drugstore, supermarket, or unauthorized source. And throughout the years, JPMS has been tracking what happens to diverted products.

“They found bacteria, they found the product separation in there. It could be a totally different product,” said Mummert.

What’s even worse, is that the drugstores or other unauthorized retailers might even be charging you MORE for a seriously inferior product!  “ABC2 bought the same Paul Mitchell color care conditioner at a local salon and then at a nearby CVS. The bottle cost $11.50 at the salon and $14 at CVS.”

So next time you think you’re getting a great deal by purchasing your salon products at the drugstore, you might just want to think again.