I value your thoughts. Please share with others your
experience with our staff and salon.

Thank You,

Thanks! I will def be coming back to get my hair done by kim again. I love my hair, she did such an amazing job!!! 
Thank you, Giacomo. I really enjoyed my Saturday at your salon and thought Kim and Phillip were great, and did excellent work. I will be back and am grateful for the $150 blowout price (I already thought: how will I be able to afford this again?). 
Hi Giacomo, thanks so much for this note!  I had a lovely time at the salon, and Kim was so fun to talk to and very warm.  Everyone I talked to was so nice!  I also really like the ambiance of the salon, it is a great space!  Kim did a great job on my hair, I love it!!!   I would definitely consider a Brazilian blowout again, so it's so great to know that I could get if for $150!  Thank you!!!

Dear Giacomo
Thank you so much for such a kind letter.
Philip is very nice. I have tried BBO before at other salon but
his service  is outstanding. I am looking forward to have different service for color my hair (actually cover gray hair though!!)
from Philip soon.
Plus I love the price of BBO $150.00
Thank you for treating me like royal customer!!

Best of best,
 I had such a great time at your salon!
My hair is outrageous- Philip really did a fabulous job with the haircut and blowout! I love it! He is very talented, knowledgeable, and easy going. And the salon is really nice- I love the courtyard and fountain- so relaxing. 
My sister is coming to see Philip this morning, and I will absolutely be back.  
Thank you for having such talented staff and a beautiful salon. It was such a nice afternoon for me, and I am looking forward to coming back. 
Hope to meet you soon,

Hello Giacomo! Thank you so much for seeing me on short notice!! I really appreciate it.
I love the my new hairdo, by Miguel—can’t wait for my upcoming appointment,
See you then,
Hi Giacomo,
Thank you for the kind email. I too enjoyed working with Philip. Your salon is beautiful and I have already told some colleagues about it. In fact I have a coworker who has an appt. with Kim on Saturday (she was coloring a girls hair in the chair next to me and I told my friend how nice it looked).  I will definitely be back this year to see Philip for another keratin treatment. ??

Thank you,
Thank you so much.  Phillip was amazing!
 Marc was very patient with me.  I am very picky and he did a fine job.
With respect to a Brazilian Blow Out treatment, I have interest, because after washing and without flat ironing, my hair is a bit frizzy and not healthy looking.  However, nothing that a flat iron would not take care of.  I like my hair full with body and a bit of wave.  In particular, I like some height and lift around the crown and forehead area.  With the blowout, would I still achieve that with minimum to no daily maintenance?
It is great to find places like yours that care about the customers. I will definitely come back and recommend your salon to everyone. I was looking for a Hairdresser, and I am glad I found it! Philip is a very good professional.
I was living in London before, my ex was working in the Tony & Guy Academy and I have organized many photoshoots so I know when I see good professionals.
Have a great weekend.

I had a great experience at your salon.  Marc was great and I will definitely be back and recommend your salon to friends.

"Absolutely Fantastic!  That is probably the best description of how I feel about what Miguel does.  I normally wait way too long to come in.  Miguel is able to transform me through use of colour and cutting from a mess to a must!  I seriously feel fantastic after leaving.  I always feel ike he has listed to me to take what I want...and make it work in the best way possible.  I have worked with him for MANY years now and I actually plan interviews or major meetings to be after I have seen him.  Nothing makes you feel better than an amazing hair style and just the right colour to pull the look together.  Thanks Miguel for being an irreplaceable part of my team!
Steven Zawadzski

"I was looking for a salon to try a keratin treatment and found this salon through the great reviews.  After calling to get some information, Giacomo answered all of my questions and was extremely helpful.  My husband surprised me with a gift certificate while we were going to be in San Francisco for the weekend.  It was suppose to be a one time appointment as I live in Folsom, CA.  After my initial appointment with Miguel, I was hooked.  Miguel transformed my hair.  I have never loved my hair, but I now L-O-V-E my hair.  I love the color, I love the color, and the keratin treatment is amazing.  I have not been going to Miguel for over two years, and probably drive past over 1,000 salons every time I go see him.  Miguel truly loves what he does and it shows in his work.  He takes his time and always does and excellent job...he is a true perfectionist.  Not only does he do excellent hair, but it is always a pleasure to sit on his chair.  I believe trust and likability are qualities you need on a stylist, and Miguel definitely gives you both.   Giacomo and Miguel are the utmost professionals.  I highly recommend Miguel to anyone who wants great hair."
Kristina M.

"Caroline Quethera is amazing!  I can't recommend her highly enough.  I always look great and get compliments on my "do".  On top of the excellent cuts, she is the best colorist I've ever come across.  She really knows her hair color.  The fact that I laugh hysterically the entire time I visit is icing on the cake."
Rochelle E.

"I went to Follicle Hair Salon for a bloomspot keratin treatment, without knowing anything about the salon, and I was a very happily surprised.
I was nervous about going there because I didn't receive a confirmation call the day before, and I was afraid I had remembered the date wrong. The salon was hard to find, because there was absolutely no signage from the street or even in the building's lobby.  Eventually I was able to find it by the street address (it's right next to the empty old CompUSA if that helps anyone).  Going up the elevators and down the eerie cold gray hallway, I started getting concerned for what I had gotten myself into, but then I was cheerily surprised when I saw the salon and knew immediately I was in the right place.  The salon was beautifully designed to feel clean and fresh and modern, and the staff was very friendly and offered me coffee/tea.  I was taken to a dressing area to "get dressed" in a smock.  This was the only weird thing.  I didn't feel the need to take my shirt off for a hair treatment, and had never heard of that before.  I was wearing an old ratty t-shirt and said I was fine to put the smock on over my shirt.  The guy who gave me the smock was very insistent that I take off my shirt so the keratin chemicals don't ruin it, and his insistence after I had said no made me uncomfortable.  Needless to say, I kept my shirt on, and don't notice any effects whatsoever from the treatment.  Giacomo performed the keratin treatment with great care, and he answered all my questions with a true understanding of the chemical process and safety concerns.  The treatment is formaldehyde free, so it doesn't pose the same risks as the other treatments, and he gave a very thorough explanation of the pros and cons of this treatment.  
The Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment process was:
1. He shampooed my hair clean
2. He mixed the chemicals and painted them into my hair
3. He put my hair up in a shower cap and put me under the
dryer for 25 minutes
4. He brushed my hair out and blow dried it
5. He pulled my hair back in pieces and straightened each segment
6. He trimmed the ends of my hair which were badly splitting and probably were greatly in need!
All in all the process took about 2 1/2 hours.  At the end I was really impressed that he asked if he could trim my split ends, which I happily said yes to.  He didn't try and push a haircut on me, and the quick trim really made my hair feel lively and well cared for.  Giacomo really made my experience great.  He proved that he cared about the treatment, and continuously impressed me with his knowledge and understanding.  I wish this place was more accessible for me, as I'm not very likely to come back due simply to convenience, but my hair looks and feels great, and I was very happy with the experience.  (Yelp Review - 5 stars)"
Gabrielle L 

 "I purchased the Trubates deal with Siobhan ($99 haircut and full highlights), and I'm satisfied. My hair cut is pretty normal since all I really needed was a trim and more layers (but the same length). The color didn't turn out as I expected. I wanted the highlights to be lighter, but they came out darker and more brassy. The color isn't bad per se, but it wasn't what I was looking for. However, they do look extremely natural, so if that is what you're going for, I highly recommend Siobhan. I think people are often cautious when purchasing color/cuts on Groupon/Trubates/etc, and rightfully so. My friend purchased a coupon for color at a DIFFERENT salon, and her stylist rushed her hair and only colored the top layer to save resources/money.  Siobhan was quite the opposite. She took her time cutting my hair, and making sure that she wasn't chopping off too much. She was also extremely detailed when doing my highlights. I spent a total of 3.5 hours in the salon, and she was focused entirely on me. I really appreciated that considering the fact that some stylists try to service multiple clients at once. (Yelp Review - 4 stars)"
Irene L.

"I bought a Bloomspot for the Brazilian Blowout for this salon. I've tried several of these 'certificates' at different places and let me tell you, the results are HIT OR MISS (read: mostly miss). This salon was a HIT! My stylist was the owner and he did a great job on my hair. I've since washed it several times and it is practically frizz-less, lays beautifully, and is so easy to style. I have a lot of hair and unfortunately, cannot spend $300+ every four months so I rely on these lower rates! Finally, someone who offers a deal and actually does the job correctly!  Now it is true, I have learned to expect less due to the past but I'm pleased to say my overall experience here was great! G-R-E-A-T! My hair wash was fine (no frills, but I don't care for that sort of thing anyway), the salon has a unique look (long and thin) and is well ventilated (over an awesome courtyard--drowning out busy Market Street), my stylist was nice enough and let me do my work, and my hair looks really good and does what I want. Win, win.
(YELP Review - 5 stars)"
Pamela B.

"SIOBHAN GLEESON (SKG Salon) is a doll! I had Trubates deal with her - $99 for haircut and full highlights.   She did a wonderful job adding a fresh new look and lightening my hair, but I quickly realized that I didn't care for the color in contrast to my skin.   This is where I realized what an excellent artist she is. She would not leave me unhappy. I told her my concerns, and she was very understanding. She had me come back in, not hassles, we discussed my concerns, and after talking in depth, determined specifically what I wanted. She went ahead and threw in some low lights to remedy the situation, and did a really beautiful job. It looks natural, multi-dimensional and very flattering to my complexion.  She has a lot of expertise in the art of hair dressing, and it shows. She really goes the extra mile, and I highly recommend her!  Thanks Siobhan! (YELP Review - 5 stars)"
Angela Roth

"This was my second visit to Frange Blue, both times using a Trubate I purchased. The first visit, I was booked with a stylist named Victor, who was decent and did an okay job on my hair, good enough for me to make another appointment when I saw the same Trubate for a cut and full highlights become available again. SO, I walk into the salon and the owner informs me that Victor no longer works for the salon. WHAT!? He just left and didn't bother to call ALL of his booked appointments...rude!!!!   Well, the owner took care of my problem and took care of it fast! He offered to have my hair done for free! Yes, a $225 service for free by one of his stylists AND he would let me use the Trubate that I had previously purchased on my next visit! SCORE! The fact that I had to wait 2 hours to be seen by this stylist didn't bother me for the reason that I was saving so much money...I just shopped and meandered through Union Square.  I arrived back at the salon 2 hours later to see a stylist named Kwandee. He was energetic, positive and reassuring that he would take care of me (it's always a little nerve racking getting your hair done by a new person). We discussed what I wanted to have done and within about an hour and a half I was done with a beautiful new color and a great cut. I loved the fact that he didn't take off too much, as I requested. I cannot stand when you tell your stylist that you would like to keep the length and then they chop it off anyway. Kwandee is great; he's excellent at recommending color and knows what looks good. He's also a joy to talk to as well! I am excited to come back and hopefully Kwandee will become my new regular stylist in San Francisco!!!! Thank you Kwandee and owner of Frange Blue!!!   Keep up the great work and customer service.  (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"

"I had a haircut and highlights with SIOBHAN (SKG Salon) last night.  This was my first visit to her.  I found her through Trubates, and after reading several glowing recommendations for her here in Yelp, I was pretty confident that I'd have a good experience.  Not only did I have a good experience last night with Siobahan, I had a GREAT experience with her!   After having a rather unfortunate haircut with someone else a few weeks ago, I entered Siobhan's salon with my hair looking pretty uneven and tattered.  Siobahn found a way to fix my hair and make it look flattering again. And she really knows what she's doing when it comes to color as well.  I was really impressed.  Not only is she technically very good at cutting and coloring hair, but she's also very easy to communicate with and talk to.  I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a new colorist/stylist in San Francisco.  Her salon is downtown, right across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel, so I would especially recommend her to anyone that works downtown and wants a great stylist close to your work. 
By the way, I went out dancing the same night as my haircut with Siobhan, and I got SO MANY compliments on my hair.  That is the true sign of a great haircut.  Thanks Siobahn for giving me a great cut and beautiful highlights! (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"
Suzanne E.

"Follicle Hair Salon has a ton of stylists.  If you are looking for a specific stylist, I highly recommend you look at their individual yelp pages.  For example, my awesome, amazing, holy-crap-does-my-hair-really-look-this-good stylist, Enrique, has very few reviews below but a ton at 'Enrique V for Hair.' A brief yelp search tells me the other stylists have the same thing going on.  The salon itself is kinda hard to find.  It is inside an office building.  There is no sign on the fourth floor pointing you in the right direction, so its a bit like trying to find a hotel room in a monochromatic maze.  Once inside, things change.  The walls are bright colors, there are huge windows that let light stream into the salon, and there are stylist stations everywhere.  Follicle Hair Salon has a fun, hip feel.  This is not a marbled countered, stuck-up salon, but rather a more down to earth, fun, place with good energy.  I'm glad Enrique is there - the vibe fits his personality - but my real reason is selfish: he's at a salon that is convenient to public transit and makes me feel comfortable.   As for Enrique, well, I simply can't say enough good things.  He gave me a great cut - and my baby fine, horribly damaged hair isn't easy to work with - and a really fun color.  I felt like he listened to what I wanted and then was able to improve on that and make me look fantastic.  I don't remember the last time I walked out of a salon completely and totally happy.  Enrique made me look, and feel, beautiful.  I highly, highly recommend him. (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"
Dee B.

"I bought a Trubate for a Keratin treatment at Follicle Hair Salon.  I am amazed that Giacomo, early Saturday morning transformed my basket weave looking hair into what my hair looked like when it wasn't processed and I was 23.  It looks fantastic.  I am so happy.  I can run my fingers through it.  It has body.  It is shiny.  No one insisted on cutting my hair (I want it to grow, not shrink, thanks) and he even told me how to care for it to get it to grow, make the treatment last and achieve the results I wanted.  I would totally recommend going there.  DO pay attention to directions.  It's a little tucked away, although it is fairly huge once you arrive.  Great experience.  
(YELP rating - 4 stars)"

Gwen P.

"I didn't always love my hair.  Then I went to Miguel at Follicle Hair Salon. He spent time understanding my hair, and cuts it to be beautiful for months.  I particularly appreciate that he makes the most of the way my hair naturally falls so I don't have to fight my hair each day; it falls perfectly into place!  My boyfriend's does too.  I have about 7 friends who go to Miguel, and despite being busy, he's been very helpful with scheduling.  Case in point: A friend needed to look good before a big event but (as usual) forgot to make an appointment.  He called that morning, and Miguel amazingly fit him in a few hours before the event started!  I won't go anywhere else!
(YELP Rating - 5 stars)"

Rachel M."

After a really horrible haircut, I felt betrayed by the hair cutting industry and did not cut my hair for a long time. Finally, with my bangs 4 inches down over my eyes, I relented when my uncle got me a haircut for my birthday.  Dorothy cut my hair, and she was great. I guess my uncle had told her about my trauma, so she really made sure to listen to me yap about what I wanted for like 15 minutes before she even got started. She even got me a pad of paper and a pen so I could draw what I wanted her to do. Yay!  The colors I wanted in my hair (black on top, blonde underneath) were a little tricky and, rather than faking confidence and doing it all herself and making horrible mistakes, she asked for some help from Dante and another gentleman whose name I can't recall. Nice! Not everyone is the best at everything, and I really like that she knew herself enough to ask for help.  Overall, I'd say I'm 90% happy with my haircut, which is a damn good score if I do say so myself. The ten percent is because it's a little shorter than I wanted on the underneath part in the back. Otherwise fabulous. :)
(YELP Rating - 5 stars)" 
Rachel H.

"Queen Goddess Mitra Massih has been cutting my hair for years at Follicle Hair Salon.  She is excellent & fast with oodles of knowledge about products for hair & health in general. She is not afraid to take charge & offer up a new look if that's what you want. She's a great listener too & is a skilled artist with hair. listen up hair hoppers ... your days are numbered when she's doing her magic !!! (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"
Francis B.

"Best reason to come here? New addition to the very small team of stylists --- Kay Bergen -- fresh from DiPietro Todd Salon. She is hip, friendly, and always listens when you say don't cut too much.  I consider her a friend and would follow her anywhere! (YELP Rating - 4 stars)"
Mariangela S.

"5 stars for Miguel, who exceeded all of my expectations: he did exactly what I asked for ("minimal trim"), which is rare; and, instead of just straightening my hair like most, he gave me a slight layer and beautiful curls! Unfortunately, an hour later the curls are quickly dissolving, but the cut and general 'do still look great, so I'm very happy. He was also warm and charming, but not too intrusive or excessively chatty, and he gave me a bunch of samples before leaving, so I couldn't have asked for a better service! So grateful.  (YELP rating - 5 stars)"
Gemma J.

"Usually after a haircut, I feel my hair looks decent, but boring. I have never really been EXCITED about my hair after a haircut. Miguel at Follicle Hair Salon changed my haircut experience!  First, about the salon: it is in Union Square area and in a very random large office building, so don't be confused when you walk thru a corridor of small offices before you find the salon. The salon is very tidy and cutely decorated. When you arrive you are offered wine, tea or water.   Second, the stylist: Miguel is friendly and welcoming. The first question he asked me when I sat down in his chair was, "what do you like most about your hair?". I thought this was a very interesting question for a stylist to ask, although it makes perfect sense. After I explained I have always worn my hair long but feel like it starts to look very thin and stringy when its too long. Miguel immediately suggested layers and spent the next hour perfecting my new look. Miguel is definitely a perfectionist and doesn't speed up his work or cut his work short to stay on his schedule. This may also translate into him running late for other appointments, but ultimately its worth it once he gets to your appointment, of course.   Finally a tip: check the salon's website, they regularly post coupons for salon services and hair products. Right now Miguel has a deal for $50 off any service for first time customers - DEFINITELY WORTH IT! (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"
Rachel B. (New York)

"This rating is for Siobhan Gleeson. First off, I'm thanking my lucky stars that she did the Trubates deal, because without it I wouldn't have discovered her. She asked me to bring in pictures of what I'd like my hair to look like, and boy did she deliver. This is the only time I've ever in my life gone to a salon, and gotten exactly what I wanted! Beautiful blonde highlights, an actual asked for inch off my hair (not 2, 3, or 4), and a style that had me smiling down the street. A+, Siobhan, you just scored yourself a new client!!! thank you! (YELP Rating - 5 stars)"
Ali G.

"Let me preface by saying when your hairdresser moves out of the area, it is like a cruel breakup and you must allocate time to grieve. My beloved hairdresser of 20 + years moved to San Diego CA. That is far, far away. It took me 5 months to get over him. I refused to color my hair. It was bad. Very bad. The skunk stripe made me rethink my mourning.  I turned to a friend at work who gave me her hairdresser's phone number. Which sat in my wallet for a month. Until I made the move to get over my loss. I called her. She understood my mourning and expressed her sympathy. I obtained my highlight secret formula from "The One that Left Me". I entrusted the code to the new stylist, Carolyn Quethera. That was in late 2007.   Carolyn, in short, is amazing. She is sympathetic. She is caring. She is HILARIOUS, oh, and did I mention she is a master artist with hair color and cut. I LOVE HER. I have had people stare me down on BART - (do I smell? did I have spinach salad today? no.....I must smell? OH NO!) and then tap me on the arm and ask me, "where did you get your hair done?" to, "I LOVE your hair color - Is it natural?" (um no, but THANKS!)  Carolyn has saved me from skunk head stripe to beautiful sunny butterfly and sent me off on many a date looking ravishing. She has heard my tales of sad romance and lifted my spirits with gorgeous hair. Her mirror has heard many many tales. She had her own darling salon in Glen Park but now is at Follicle (the salon formerly known as Frange Blue). They are lucky to have her. Her title as stated on her card,  is quite simply  - "Day Maker". She makes my day every single you Carolyn!"
(YELP Rating 5 stars)


"Wow!!  I came here because of the great deal offered on bloomspot for the keratin treatment and haircut and was worried because of the previous reviews.  The atmosphere was so nice and relaxing, and the staff very friendly offering drinks several times.  Giacomo was THE BEST!  He was very meticulous with doing my hair and everything came out perfect!  The cut was perfect, the style was perfect!  I walked out feeling very special.  He also gave me the shampoo and conditioner they were using in the salon since they were out of stock for new bottles.   After the 3 days of not washing, my hair texture is so nice!  No more flat iron!  I will be back for sure!"
(YELP rating - 5 stars)
Lisa N.

"Miguel has been doing my hair for two years. I only wish I had more then mere words to praise his work. He is an absolute perfectionist. And, I have repeatedly received compliments for the precision and style of my cuts. Miguel is truly an artist with color and I have always been totally delighted with the results.  But the nicest part is that he is a delightful person. The time I spend with him is always full of talk and laughter.  If you are looking for a true professional who will help you look your best--you can do no better then Miguel."
Lynne H. "

"A number of years ago my wife and Giacomo "tricked" me into coming into the salon for a free haircut with Miguel. Like many things in life, once you taste "the best," it's pretty darn hard to settle for anything less; even more so, when it effects your appearance. Needless to say, I was hooked from then on. Miguel employees a totally unique style using an actual razor (vs. scissors) to cut my hair. The result-it looks almost perfect without ever needing a blow dryer. Just a 2-minute towel dry, voila, ready for GQ mag! Having had four outstanding stylist over the past 30 years, there's no doubt that Miguel has been the best for me. Additionally, he's a great guy with a fun personality, and the time literally flies by talking with him. I would recommend Miguel to anyone who cares about looking good, and the Follicle Salon is a high energy, hip, but very unpretentious salon (comfortable for just about anyone)."
Tim T.

"I recently visited Caroline Quethera at your beautiful salon and was glad I did! The location is very convenient, since I can take BART from the East Bay, and I loved the fresh, open professional atmosphere of the salon. I love visiting Caroline because she is the ultimate professional while at the same time being fun and personable. She always consults with me very thoroughly about what I want to have done and takes great care to ensure that the products she uses work well with my tricky, tempera-mental curly hair. I always get compliments on the color when she's done, as she has a wonderful eye for color. She always listens to me about what I want while also providing good and thoughtful options for other things I could do. She's just great!"
Chris W.

"Once I found Miguel I stopped looking. I have been going to him for awhile now and I was a satisfied customer each time. The guy knows hair! And he'll make you look great."
Joseph C"

"Great ambiance, great talent, great people."
Mike F.

"From the moment you walk in the salon door, you know you are in a special place. Miguel has that warm and caring aura about him and you know it is all about you once you take a seat in his chair. His attention to detail, wonderful haircuts, strategic coloring and highlighting all show-case Miguel's extraordinary skills. There is no better testimony to Miguel's work then walking down the street and being stopped with the question"who cuts your hair?" I proudly direct them to Miguel."
Diane F.

"I just wanted to provide some feedback about Caroline for the website.
Caroline Quethera is the best stylist I have ever been to. After moving up here from L.A, I needed to find a stylist. I have short hair and need to get it cut fairly often. Also, I am pretty particular. A friend recommended Caroline at Follicle. Not only was the salon really beautiful, but Caroline was very friendly, professional, and understood exactly what I was looking for. She gave me a precision cut that was exactly what I was looking for. I have been back to her numerous times and the quality of her service is always exceptional. I actually enjoy going to see her, as we get along really well. She gets a big thumps up!!!"
Thank you,
Ron C.

"Dear Giacomo, I love the new salon. Caroline has been cutting my hair for more then 5 years now.  I always look forward to seeing Caroline and being greeted by Follicle's friendly staff.  The New salon is filled with natural light and comfortable waiting areas, although I have never had the pleasure of sitting down because Caroline is always on time and ready for me with a smile.  I enjoy the art work on the walls, and the music being played. Follicle has a great vibe. I have to admit I love the magazines too.  After i'm seated I appreciate the time Caroline takes with me to check in and see if I want to change things up a bit or to keep my hair the same. I love her shampoo, and the neck massage.  ahhhhhhhhh   Caroline makes me feel special, and I always feel better after I see her at Follicle.  Congratulations Giacomo on gathering a wonderful staff who love what they do and make it an enjoyable experience when they visit Follicle Hair Salon.  yelp rating-5 stars"

Kirklan T.

"Caroline has been doing my hair for the last 20 years. I am so excited to have her back in San Francisco at Follicle! She has a great talent for cutting curly hair like mine. I can always count on getting a great style and coloring."
Kit R.

"Dear Giacomo, I just wanted to emphatically say that Caroline Quethera is the single most talented stylist I have ever know. Seriously, when she basically "created" my hair for me a few weeks back, I left your beautiful salon feeling like a billion bucks. And I was then constantly compli-mented by family, friends and total strangers how terrific was my new look! She is a fantastically charming person, too, as is your entire staff. Thank you for creating such a lovely space, truly, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful Caroline again very soon."
Yours Sincerely,

Sara M.

"My stylist at Follicle, Caroline Quethera, is Beyond Wonderful, and Follicle is the warmest, most welcoming salon. I love how they greet each client, And I love Caroline's skill, manner and all around magical abilities. This is the best for great services, style and atmosphere!."
Marian C-T
"Being a redhead I didn't think I could get more comments about my hair, but then I met Miguel. For a couple years now I have had the privilege of having him work his magic on me. I get so many complements on my hair style I could never go back to my old ways of just saying "a little off the top" I walk out of Follicle felling like a million buck!!! I can't recommend Miguel high enough he is amazing artist."
Gavin R.

"I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to have Miguel doing my hair. He listens to what you have to say and then gives you suggestions regarding what he thinks would look best. I have gotten so many compliments on my hair style. People do ask where I get my hair done and by whom."
Thanks Miguel
Darlene B.

"Dear Miguel and Giacomo,  My heartfelt thanks go out to you both.
You have both taken such good care of me over the years! You both constantly over-deliver!
  When I met Miguel Almost 7 years ago my hair was fried and bleached white....that was all anybody in Marin, where I live could do with my hair. They told me it was supposed to look that way!  Since Miguel has been doing my hair it is the most beautiful color, 360 degree healthier and looks naturally blonde and I get so many compliments.  Miguel is always upbeat, honest & puts so much thought & love into his work, He is a true artist & has become a dear friend.
I just love my extensions that Giacomo puts in my hair and takes care of all year long. The Follicle Salon is gorgeous & has a welcoming & nurturing feel.  Cris at the reception area goes above & beyond to see I am taken care of....this is how they roll at Follicle!
Thank you for taking such good care of me."
Lots of love,
Patrice P.

"Hi there - I've been going to Caroline Quethera for years now and am so delighted she's back in the Bay Area - she is a COLOR MASTER and does amazing work.  Definitely the best stylist and colorist I've had - it's so nice to not have to worry about what I'm going to look like when I leave the salon.  She listens, is open and receptive to new ideas (like that Mad Men kick I was on this summer) and is also just lots of fun.  She's making my fiance's hair look good these days too!"
Chris H.

"Hi, Giacommo - I tried before to write this testimonial on my ipad, but I think I failed, so I will try again.  I love FOLLICLE, I adore you and am the happiest I have ever been with hairdressers and salons in my whole life  I started seeing Giacomo when he first arrived in San Francisco.  I presented a challenge with very curly/kinky red hair.  Giacomo and miguel took me on and I became their biggest fan.  Always sensitive, kind, and able to take the time to listen to what I want, and, often able to intuit what I want when I am unable to articulate.  Miguel just might be a chemistry Phd, with how he manages to always hit on the best color combination in my red hair.  Plus he is so sweet, just a delight to be with.  The new Follicle salon is a pergect place to spend time in, with light, art work, the always ready offer of winewater/tea, and the very attentive folks who work there.  I feel like I am part of a loving family, one that would never let me walk out looking anything but the very best I can.  Thanks to all of youfor many great years, and more to come.  I give Follicle, Giacomo and Miguel my very highest commendations."
Sue M.
"MIguel has been my hairstylist for seven years, and I couldn't be happier with his services.  Miguel is a true professional and perfectionist.  His artistic abilities are amazing.  From the moment I sit on his chair his attention is completely on me during my entire visit.  Miguel takes the time to learn about me as a person and is able to quickly determine a hairstyle that fits my lifestyle.  I have such complete confidence is his haircutting and coloring skills that I normally tell him to do whatever he wants with my hair.  I have never been disappointed.  I always look forwards to coming to the salon.  The owner and staff are very friendly and accommodating.  If I forget to make an appointment, somehow they are able to squeeze me in at the last minute.  On top of doing fabulous work, Miguel and the salon get an A+ for customer service."
Sharon V. 
Hi Miguel, It's Christine from Reno/Santa Barbara. I just wanted to let you know that I am Loving my hair! It is just how I wanted it, smooth from the treatment (Brazilian Blow Out) but still has some wave and texture. I love it, want my hair to be like this forever:)
You did a great job and honestly one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had at a salon. I really enjoyed meeting you and will definitely come back to see you again.
Take care,
Christine P


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