Philosophy - Our Green Agenda

Here at Pure Bliss we believe it is our responsibility to keep our work environment and the world beyond a more ecology friendly space.  While we still have more work to do to become more green, we have implemented the following practices:
  • Recycle magazines and paper products
  • Recycle plastics when possible
  • Greener cleaning choices on some products
  • Use old towels for cleaning versus paper towel
  • Many of our professional and retail products are greener due to their lack of harsh chemicals and the packaging is from recycled sources and can be recycled.
  • We use paper for our printer and file folders that are made from recycled sources.
  • We have automatic motion sensors in some areas of our salon and spa. We also use CFL bulbs for other lighting.
  • Many of our laundry loads are washed in cold water - this helps reduce carbon emissions.  Our washers are also Energy Star and this helps reduce carbon dioxide pollution.
  • To eliminate the use of paper, we have set up a Facebook Staff page to communicate information.  We also have a Facebook page for the public and our clients and our daily news and information is presented there.
  • Our clients enjoy coffee and tea from washable mugs instead of styrofoam or plastic cups.
  • We provide our clients with flavored and regular water instead of bottled water.
We hope to continue to add to our green practices and encourage our clients to do what they can to join our efforts.  Below are 8 easy ways to be green:
  • Reduce
  • Reuse- find new ways for old items or donate
  • Recycle - plastics, cardboard, paper, magazines, aluminum, and more
  • Power Down - unplug chargers when not in use, put your computers on sleep mode or turn off,  and use power strips when many items need to be plugged in  (that way you can have one thing to turn off).
  • Don't Let it Drip - don't let water run, wash laudry in cold water, repair slow drips and leaks, and water your lawn early in the morning.
  • Shop Smart - purchase eco friendly products, make sure items are non-toxic and made from natural sources, buy things made from recycled goods, donate, buy local and items that are locally produced.
  • Don't Tire Out - keep the proper pressure in your tires (this improves gas mileage) and combine your errands
  • Voice Your Opinion on Green Beliefs and Practices

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