SKIN LOGIC Clinical Skin Care & Spa

Men's Services

Our Signature Skin Treatment For Men includes a deep cleanse under steam, a thorough skin annalists, an advanced exfoliation massage, and a facial massage with a customized moisture, oil control, or vitamin age reversal masque. Starting at $55

Glycolic Peel Treatment- with men primarily in the driver seat, and lack of protection from the sun, men tend to have quite a bit of sun damage as the years progress. Well, we have a solution. Our amazing Multivitamin Power Exfolliant is Dermalogica's key to even skin effected by the sun. Similar to the signature skin treatment, except the Powerfolliant is administered for a more even skin tone. Starting at $65

Men's Body Waxing

Clinical Speed Waxing offered for these areas:                                                                                                             Shoulders           Back        Chest           Lower Back     Stomach      Arms       1/2 Arm               Legs         1/2 leg        Hands              Fingers        Toes