The Phoenix and the Butterfly Day Spa

Positive changes others will notice.

Our unique approach to the spa experience comes from years of helping clients with skin care only to realize that some of them  had a faulty body image or self concept that was needlessly limiting them.  They were constantly working on the exterior, using sometimes drastic measures to make them feel beautiful.   However, the fact was, they were already beautiful, they just couldn't see it.  Morally and ethically I couldn't profit from this outlook.  I decided to incorporate life coaching for personal growth and body concept into my spa menu.  Through fun activities, one on one coaching and beauty treatments it is my goal to help clients genuinely improve their lives inside and out.  Please  call and visit us, I will answer your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve you. To learn more about me click the link  on my name below.

Toni Cyan-Brock

Life coach/ Esthetician