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What is a ReFirme™ Skin Treatment?
ReFirme™ is a FDA cleared non-invasive Skin Treatment procedure featuring the revolutionary elos technology that enables you to comfortably achieve a more youthful, toned and lifted appearance without enduring downtime.  ReFirme™ is a complete anti-aging solution for targeting those telltale signs of aging, including jowl and neck, sagginess under the eyes, saggy brow lines and naso-labial folds.  Unlike conventional laser skin treatments that are time and treatment intensive, and often too painful for many patients; ReFirme™ offers virtually painless and fast treatment for sagging and wrinkled skin.  ReFirme™ is a safe and effective industry-leading medical aesthetic technology, which has received national media exposure.  ReFirme™ advantages translate to enhanced comfort, convenience and satisfaction.

How many treatments will I need?

A full treatment regimen consists of:
1.  A treatment schedule - the initial number of ReFirme™ treatments is 3-5
2.  Treatment Frequency - each ReFirme™ treatment should be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart.
3.  Supporting and maintenance treatment - approximately every 6 months.

At the end of the treatments regimen: Fine wrinkles are reduced, noticeable lifting can be observed on sagging skin and the texture of your skin becomes smoother, more luminous and toned.

Is ReFirme™ safe?
Yes.  ReFirme™ is:
1.  FDA cleared for wrinkle treatment.
2.  Virtually painless non-surgical and non-invasive treatment resulting in no down-time - you can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment.
3.  The precise heating of the targeted treatment area ensures a safe and effective treatment.
4.  Effective on all skin types and colors.
5. Uses no drugs and has minimal to no down-time.

How long does it take to see results?

Most clients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the ReFirme™ treatment regime.  The total number of required treatment sessions depends on your skin's condition.

Hair Removal

How does the hair removal at body+ work?
elos™ technology uses combined energies to effectively and gently remove hair of many colors and types from all skin tones.

Is hair removal with elos™ right for me?

Both men and women can achieve permanent hair reduction on almost all body areas.  Only elos is proven to remove lighter colored hair, on all skin tones.  To achieve a successful outcome on lighter hair colors, more treatments may be needed compared to darker hair colors. 

When can I expect to see results?

Hair growth is reduced after each treatment.  The number of treatments required will be based on your hair color and type, body area and skin tone. 

Does it hurt?

Cooling for the skin surface as well as constant measurement of the skin's resistance ensures safety and comfort during treatment.  This is a no down-time procedure.  Many patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

IPL PhotoFacial - Skin Rejuvenation

How does IPL skin rejuvenation with elos work?
The combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies of elos technology precisely and safely target pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots and age spots.  It is an effective treatment for most skin types.

When can I expect to see results?

Gradual and cumulative improvement of skin tone is typically achieved in 5 treatment sessions.  The total number of requires treatment sessions depends on your skin's condition.

Does it hurt?

Cooling for the skin surface ensures additional safety during treatment.  This is a no down-time procedure.  Many patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening:
How does Radio Frequency skin tightening work?

Radio frequency (RF) technology represents a new frontier for treatment of lax skin, fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Our treatments employ Unipolar and Bipolar radio frequency technologies to tighten both the very superficial layers of the skin and skin’s sub-dermal layer, which in other cases requires two separate procedures. The result is skin shrinkage, new collagen production and increased blood circulation, all of which provides lifting and tightening effects. You will notice a change in your skin that will appear immediately after the first treatment and will continue to improve for weeks to come. Lax skin will be firmer and more toned, not to mention healthier and younger looking, while wrinkles will be considerably reduced.

How many RF treatments will I need?

We recommend a series of four to six Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatments, approximately one to three weeks apart, with the best effect being seen three to six months following the final treatment.

What does the Radio Frequency skin tightening procedure involve?

1.  It may include Microdermabrasion - used as a skin prep. 
Our top layer of skin (Stratum Corneum) consists of densely packed dead skin cells. It protects the lower layers from foreign matter penetrating into the skin. When a microdermabrasion treatment is performed, it removes the Stratum Corneum; this contributes to our goal in two ways. First, the Radio Frequency energy (what your skin defenses see as "foreign matter") can go deeper, more quickly. This helps to assure you get the best result from your treatment. The second way in which it helps is that it causes a little mini “injury” to the skin which simulates the creation of more collagen and elastin as well as speeding up cell turnover. 

2.  Radio Frequency Treatment:

We use this technology for two different purposes. At lower temperatures, it "fractures" the collagen in the lower layers of the skin and your body reacts to this fracture by sending out more collagen and elastin to help repair the "injury." (It's similar to the process when you work out—tiny tears in the muscle fibers during your workouts causes the body to repair the injuries and the result is a bigger muscle.) It is important to repeat this treatment frequently. Most aestheticians suggest RF Treatments be given at least every 2 weeks; we encourage a separation of only 7-10 days. Why is this important? As your body begins making more collagen and elastin, it starts slowly, speeds up over time, peaks and then slows down again. The peak comes at about 14 days. If we repeat the treatment before the 14 day mark, we can push the peak higher and higher—resulting in a VERY increased state of collagen production. 

3. LED Light Therapy:

Light emitting diodes are used in different colors to stimulate the skin into doing magical things. Scientific studies have shown that light—known as photo rejuvenation—can stimulate the repair of skin cells. These lights can heal surface wounds and treat skin conditions such as fine lines, sun spots, eczema and psoriasis. The LED Light Therapy also stimulates collagen and elastin to fill in lines on the face.   

Is RF skin tightening effective on the body?

Yes, besides the above mentioned skin tightening benefits,  the second way we use this technology is fat reduction. At higher temperatures, the heat will fracture or injure the fat cell. The fatty filling will "leak out" and as long as you are following the at home protocol, it will flush out with your lymphatic drainage. It is very important to drink water and exercise, as this helps your lymph system flush out the fat as opposed to the fat redepositing somewhere else. This is very effective on abs, buttocks, thighs and arms. The good news?  As we are working on the adipose tissue at higher temperatures, the collagen and elastin work is also being done!!  (We NEVER use the higher temperatures on the face, only on the body.) 

Speaking of body treatments, what parts of my body will benefit most from Radio Frequency skin tightening?Our Radio Frequency (RF) technology can be used for skin tightening and lifting effects on any body areas including face, upper arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The most common treatments of the face are treatments for aging and lax skin on the chin, neck, underneath and above the eyes, and for saggy brow lines. On the body, radio frequency technology is most commonly used for skin tightening, cellulite and stretch marks reduction.

What changes can I expect to see with RF skin tightening treatments?Reduction and elimination of fine lines, creases and wrinkles

Softer, smoother skin and a return of youthful radiance

Improved circulation and lymphatic drainage

Visibly firmer contours of the face and body

Tightened features—reducing and eliminating sagging jowls, double chins and fatty cheeks

Reduction in dark circles and under-eye puffiness

Reduction in the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite

A marked reduction in the symptoms of acne, eczema and Rosacea
Minimized pore size. It's also incredibly relaxing, so you'll see a reduction in your stress levels

How soon will I see results?

Most of our clients see some results immediately. Of course, the effects are cumulative, so the longer we work on an area the better. Exceptional results usually only take 8 - 10 weeks and then we suggest a monthly follow-up to maintain your beautiful new contours.

How much weight will I lose?

This is NOT a weight-loss treatment. You will notice the loss in inches, not in pounds. Our body contour treatments are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise program.

What ages are your clients?

We believe that it's never too early to start taking care of your skin. We treat all ages, from young woman just starting their skincare regimen, explaining the importance taking good care of their skin (if they are under the age of 18, we get a parent's permission) to mature women seeing professional skincare and contouring as a way to help them age gracefully in the 21st century.

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