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Shrinklink Hair Extensions
  Shrinklink  attachmentsare are lightweight,flexible,transparent and provide a lasting water and chemical barrier. Because of the patented tip on our  long wearing hair, these extensions will not break down as the others do so the hair maintains its fullness and density long after others have thinned out.  These can be used for individual strands or to attach wefts.  

 Extension application service starts at 150.00 Because there are several factors that determine the cost of the hair including length, density, hair type, hair texture  ect,  we are unable to quote hair prices over the phone. Please call 408-979-1195 to schedule your consultation with one of our specialists. Hair needs to be ordered prior to service and only takes a day or two to arrive.   We can do a complimentary in-person consultation to determine color,length and density or on request, you can send us photos of your hair and we can talk over the phone or text or  we can face time or video conference consult as well.  This is especially helpful if you are traveling in for your service.