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Scalp Detox & Renewal Treatment

This treatment starts with a gentle scalp brushing followed by a scalp cleansing and detoxing massage, steam treatment, 30 minute laser session and  finished with a blowout.  Benefits •Remove dirt and debris, washing away oily waxy residue that coats the hair and clogs the hair follicle, and allows the scalp to breathe. •Balance natural hair/scalp moisture, while exfoliate the scalp, removing dry, dead skin cells, and dandruff. •Help to alleviate symptoms of itchy, dry, or tightened scalp caused by environmental allergies, chemical services, braids, weaves, extensions and heat styling. Contains proprietary deep sea minerals and over 30 wild plant extracts that work in synergy to nourish and restore hair and scalp. The minerals reverse the oxidation of damaged hair caused by heat, chemicals, environment and toxic build up returning your hair to a healthy pH level.