A Visionary Salon
Morgan Hill, CA
Phone: 408.979.1195
Get Lashed!! It's Time to indulge Ladies.  We have been couped up for too long,  think of how amazing it would be to wake up looking and feeling beautiful or better yet, working  out and looking amazing, with no effort.  That's what Lashes do!! 

Pre-Purchase your first fill with your initial Lash service and receive your second  fill for 1/2 price. Classic full set-150 Classic fill 2 weeks-75 Classic fill 3 weeks-85.00 Volume full set-180 Volume fill 2 week-90 Volume fill 3 week-100.00 free fill must be the same price and time frame as original fill purchased  Example: if you pre-purchase a 2 week classic fill for 75.00 you must use your 1/2 price fill within 4 weeks of the one you purchase.  You may upgrade to a three week and only pay the difference.  

Offer Available: 11/9/2020 - 1/1/2021