Ultimate Mermaid
$120.00 Book Online Payment

B4 Boutique & Body, LLC is pleased to offer the Ultimate Mermaid! This Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical body contouring option is the perfect treatment if you need to pull out all the stops to sculpt and smooth that stubborn area when you need to get into that perfect outfit, relax & smooth away, the day, & see what the Wood can do for you for the ENTIRE ABDOMINAL AND FLANK(WAIST/SIDE) AREA!  The Ultimate Mermaid utilizes heat and laser technology, sauna bag treatment, & WOOD to trim, sculpt, & define your abdominal AND flank area and reveal results with no required downtime! Services performed in the Ultimate Mermaid session are specific to treatment  performed to the Abdominal & The Flank (Sides/Love Handles) body regions.   Services performed in Ultimate Mermaid session include: Cavitation AND Laser-Lipo (Both services performed) Concentrated Mini Manual  Lymphatic stimulating assisted rub RF Skin Tightening Concentrated Wood Therapy Sauna Bag Treatment Expected treatment duration: 135 min