Driftwood 1
$60.00 Book Online Payment

 Wood implement con It's this wood for me! B4 is proud to offer our ALL WOOD SERVICE! The Driftwood 1 is an all wood instrument service to ONE targeted body Area (Abdominal (Stomach) ONLY, Flank (Waist/side) ONLY, Arms ONLY, Legs ONLY (BUTT and/or HIPS ARE NOT included in Legs ONLY), Back (above waist) ONLY. Various wood tools are used to contour and define targeted body area with no required downtime are used during this relaxing, yet defining service. Wood contouring (Maderoterapia) assists in not only defining and truly sculpting the body, but also assist in lymphatic drainage/movement of the lymphatic system to assist in the removal of toxins and lipid material from the body (great and recommended for Post Op services*)  and reduction of cellulite. Adhesions and scar tissue can be released with the proper use of wood therapy.    This service utilizes WOOD instruments ONLY!