Raleigh, NC
Phone: (919)817-0443
Consultation/Instruction & / Mobile
$60 inner city Call/Text for Questions specific to your service needs                                                                  $240 for lessons                         mobile more than 25 miles $60up                             mobile specialty available 

ALL  SERVICE FEES FINAL NO REFUNDS Select Consultations include Q&A’s ,assessment ,and instructions of your desired service,about products styles and product use.If it’s a special occasion,event such as prom ,bridal, shower, business meeting,weekender,or even your daily routine a thorough lesson and detailed regimen is important. Register now and booking is easier to purchase your membership. First time clients of BouG who book their first Salon service receive complementary refreshment and special offers on select services.First time BouG Members receive Complimentary wine,beer,bottle water, treats plus a complimentary hair conditioning .First time checked inside BouG Salon Gets you booked immediately.Choosing a member account is made easy with login to complete your account.All consultations include assessment of hair skin and nails plus instructions if applicable  on your service ,product,and home care included.Please note any allergies ,or past chemical services.