Cinema Wellness
Los Angeles, CA
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This remarkably treatment is designed to face forward helping skin transition from environmental and physical changes. Utilizes: Microdermabrasion  - Cryotherapy - LED Therapy - (RLT) Red Light  Therapist will examine skin - cleanse, apply a customize mask  packed with antioxidants, peptides, growth factor, anti environmental and brightening agents. While an  aromatherapy treatment of blended Organic Essential oils awaken the senses. An Organic   24K Gold  Peel blended with vitamin C - Pumpkin Peel B5 - VIT E, this potent treatment will get rid of skin toxins, sun damage without stripping away any necessary  natural oils.  "not an acne treatment"   Benefits:  Banish Dull Skin,  Skin will appear Flawless, Radiant, Smooth & Youthful