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San Antonio, TX
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LED Light Facial Treatment (New)
Service Amount: $79                            Service duration: 60 minutes

We are proud to introduce a new facial treatment to our menu. A painless, relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats mild acne by killing bacteria .The LED light may feel warm on the face, it won't cause burns to the skin. For many is a more natural way to increase collagen, minimize fine lines, treat acne, and even out the complexion as a whole. During treatment different types of light are used, depending on the need of the skin.   Red: treats wrinkles enhancing the regeneration of collagen and skin elasticity. Green: treats dark spots or discolored skin Blue: treats acne and oily skin Yellow: brightens skin from dark spots and dull areas Pink: whitens skin NOTE: People with hypertension, heart disease or pregnant are not allowed the use of this device.