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Straight Request

Straight Request was "requested" in 1990, and later founded in 1991. The testing and demand for quality products was overwhelming by hairstylists throughout the country. Through timely research and many studies, a product line created by stylists for stylist was born. The Straight Request Relaxer system then made its first appearance in 1991. This long awaited system for hairstylists began to generate new life in the hair industry. No longer would hair be hard, dull, dry, brittle, or over processed for this complete system provided very effective shampoos and conditioners. In our efforts to satisfy the hair industry, we joined hairstylists with three special chemists for each item in the relaxer system. In this combined effort, thirty-seven years of expertise prevailed! Straight Request was formulated for distributorship. Our company forever remains dedicated to the hair industry and continues to promote nothing less than quality products.