Blue Ash
Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513)891-1324
Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes $97, or 90 minutes $132 Service Available At Blue Ash, Glendale and Mason locations

This specialized  pre-natal massage service is provided to help mothers-to-be with the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. Sore feet, stress, back pain, and other symptoms can be positively influenced through massage and reflexology. Our trained therapists have the knowledge and a special side lying cushion system equipment to provide a safe and effective massage for expecting women. Pregnancy Massage can be given to any pregnant woman during the full duration of her pregnancy; high risk pregnancies are not advised to have this service without prior physician consultation. Please let us know how far along you are in your pregnancy stage (in the booking notes) to tailor our pillow bolstering to suit your wishes and to provide the most relaxing and comfortable massage we can!