The Vogel Method Manual Lymph Drainage
Hinsdale, IL
Phone: 630-241-4100
Body Sculpt  + fat reduction + helps reduce cellulite + drain inflammation

Video Before & After 60 MIN RF PEMF BODYSCULPTING FOR FAT REDUCTION, SKIN TIGHTENING, DRAIN INFLAMMATION. SPECIAL FOR 2 ZONES,  WITH PARTICIPATING TECH (SAVE $150.)  LIMIT 3 PER PERSON BEFORE 8/31/2022 WE KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MELTED FAT, WE LYMPH DRAIN IT, YOU URINATE IT OUT. The Venus Legacy PEMF helps reduce inflammation plus angiogenesis and the Venus Legacy RF Radio Frequency empties the contents of fat cells by separating a triglyceride into glycerol and fatty acid, then the fibroblasts produce collagen which tighten skin, the lymph massage helps drain the inflammation and excrete the contents! _____________________________________________________________

Offer Available: 7/25/2022 - 8/31/2022