Huntington Breeze
90 minute:  $275.00

This facial cares and treats the skin as nature intended it to be. To work with the healing benefits of the sea to regenerate collagen/ elastin fibers and detoxify impurities of the skin.  The "BeautyStrips " mask begins with a genuine base of pure, naturally-sourced kelp seaweed whose creation consists of more than 1300 hours of hand-crafted care. Alone, seaweed naturally provides the minerals and nutrients necessary to calm, smooth, nourish and hydrate your skin. Combined with another 31 natural ingredients designed to lift, tighten, reduce impurities and tone skin, the "BeautyStrips" mask will revolutionize your beauty regimen. Package of seven : $900.00  Buy six and get your seventh one free !! THAT IS A $325.00 SAVINGS !   Benefits • Brighten • Moisturize • Nourish • Rejuvenate • Reduce the appearance of pores • Improve transparency • Increase elasticity • Refine look and feel of skin