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Corrective Color

Hair color problems and their causes, including - incorrect color reflect, incorrect level, banding, insufficient coverage and fading.   The basics… Most corrective services will need two or more steps. Additionally, most corrective services result in a noticeably different look for the client. The vast majority of corrective color services require a series of steps, over a few appointments. Every corrective service is dramatically different so a complimentary consultation is required to get the best end result for you.   When you want to go light… If you have all over cosmetic color on your hair and you want it a lighter shade but without highlights, you need a color cleanse to remove the old color. Cosmetic hair color cannot be removed without using some sort of color remover. This can be quite harsh on the hair structure. We would most likely convince you to begin with fine highlights in the early stages of correcting.   When you want to go dark… Say your hair is light; either naturally or highlighted. You were hoping you could  go significantly darker. Depending on the porosity of your strands, we would saturate your hair with two different formulas on the same day for a longer-lasting end result and less fading. The first step will put warm tones in your hair to create a base that supports the additional process. The second step will balance or enhance those warm tones to give a rich and even end result.   When things are just totally out of hand and you need some major help… Lets go with the chance that your hair is a hot mess! It’s already blotchy, green, faded, orange or a little of all of the above. Did you do it yourself or were you the victim of someone posing to to be a professional colorist? Either way, the Color Team at The Root Salon, takes this process of corrective hair color very seriously. You are in good hands here. All you need a little bit of time consulting and some patience with the process. With commitment from you and one of our colorists, we’ll get you that fantastic new color you are looking for.