Salon Balisi
Phone: (404)457-2509
GinaCurl Curl Reformer and Straight Variation
GinaCurl Starting Price: $550/non-refundable deposit: $250 Straight Variation Starting Price: $350/non-refundable deposit : $175 Gina Curl to Straight Variation Starting Price: $450/non-refundable deposit: $200 All consultation fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.     

PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO BOOKING a GinaCurl: This is a curl reformer service for permanent curls. All GinaCurl services REQUIRE a consultation PRIOR to booking. This applies to retouches if it will be my first time providing your retouch. In-person consultations are ideal, but email consultations are available. Consultations are not currently done via video calls. Consultation documents will be sent once the consultation appointment has been made. Clear, current photos must be submitted along with consultation documents. Photos must show wet, freshly shampooed hair, before any products are applied, with side, front and back views of hair held downward to show length. Do not blow out your hair for consultation purposes.  Photos that do not show the required views will not be suitable for obtaining a price quote and will delay the process to book a GinaCurl. Once a  satisfactory consultation is complete and client is determined to be eligible for this service, a personalized  price quote will be provided. Your price quote is valid for 90 days.  After 90 days, an updated consultation will be required to receive an updated price quote.  A non-refundable $175 - $250 deposit is required to book GinaCurl services and guarantee your appointment. Starting price for the GinaCurl is $550 for 2-3 inches of hair. Your first retouch will be honored at the same price as your virgin service, provided it takes place within 5-6 months of your first GinaCurl service, even though retouches take longer than a virgin GinaCurl service. Waitlist: you are welcome to add yourself to the waitlist only if you have already booked your service, which should be only after you have received a price quote. Due to the extra time and detail required, there is a $50 and up additional charge for blue rods and smaller. This up-charge does NOT apply to hair that is chin length or shorter. Please arrive on time to your appointment with clean de-tangled hair that is free of heavy oils, creams, pomades, waxes and gels. Hair should be arranged in 2-4 braids or twists. Any extra de-tangling required will incur additional fees. Please make sure you have the correct address for Salon Balisi. The current address is on your confirmation/reminder.  Do not rely on Google for our current address. We are located behind the Tidal Wave car wash and INSIDE the My Salon Suite building, next door to the Red Apple Pharmacy. There is no Salon Balisi signage outside. Do not turn right at the Wendy's or you will be driving away from our location. When you arrive, you will need to use the intercom inside the lobby to be buzzed in. A directory is available for your convenience. Please allow extra travel time to avoid arriving late to your appointment. There is a a $50 late fee for GinaCurl branded services, due to the length of time these services take.  By booking any service with a non-refundable deposit, you acknowledge that there will be no refunds for any reason. No deposit may be re-purposed for other services or goods. You must follow all Salon Balisi booking instructions set forth for services and accurately verify your available dates and times prior to booking.