aPeel Skin Spa LLC
Fox Point, WI
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K-Beauty Dual or Multi Modality (red carpet treatments)

Korean Skincare Companies are developing state of the art skincare treatments. All natural ingredients are formulated to lift, brighten, improve texture and deeply hydrate. The end result is healthy skin with a smooth texture and glow.   Current K-Beauty Modalities V-Line (Instantly lifts skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles)  OxyJet Elixer Facial (exfoliates, hydrates and increases circulation) Fusion Plasma + Lifting with Plamere & LEAF devices & Peptide/EGF Serum Micro Infusion of Korean Serums such as Meso 3D Ampuole, Snail Helix or BB Glow FCR Treatment for Melasma, Pigment, Texture and Acne