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The Hydro Glo Treatment

Completely Customized Treatments to Deeply Clean Pores, Rejuvenate and TIghten Skin, Clear Acne,  Smooth FIne Lines, Brighten Dark Circles and Plump and Hydrate Skin without any down time.   An in depth analysis with the on-board high definition Skin Analysis Camera before and after your treatment. Safe for most all skin types and most beneficial for;   Sensitive - Rosacea Congested - clogged pores - large pores Acne  Dry - Flaky - Dull Complexion Fine Lines - Dehydrated Skin - Dark Circles  Our Hydro Glo Facials will have your skin Picture Perfect for any event while improving  the long term health of your skin.  Introductory Pricing now through October 31, 2021 30 minute express focused treatment $100  60 minute complete treatment $200 90 minute ultimate treatment $250