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Fox Point, WI
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Oxy-Jet Oxygen Facial    $100

Our OxyJet Oxygen Facial begins with our Far-Infrared Heat Dome for relaxing warmth that is anti-inflammatory and improves circulation.    Relax for 60 minutes, The OxyJet Facial is fantastic for dull tired looking skin.   Double Facial Cleanse OxyJet Bubble Mask and Hydration Serum  Anti-Aging, Anti-Bacterial or Brightening  Tonic Facial Massage Cooling Oxygen Treatment   MicroInfusion of Serum Cocktail to stimulate cell renewal  Whipped Mask Selected for your skin Eye Mousse, Moisturizer and Sunscreen Warm Aromatic Essential Oil Infused Steam Towels Add Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion or LED $160 (90 minutes) Call 414-477-9220 to Schedule

Offer Available: 7/27/2019 - 8/31/2019