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Fox Point, WI
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The Plasma Fusion Facial

This Red Carpet  facial is designed to give instant results with cumulative benefits.  With just the right combination of relaxation and rejuvenation The Plasma Fusion Facial  brings all of the best modalities at aPeel Skin Spa together including our  newest HydroGlo Ultimate,  R/F Fractional Lifting and Permeating modalities,  Nano-Meso Technology. Viktoria DeAnn Peptide Serums, a Magical Sheet Mask and 20 minutes of  anti-aging Red LED (aka the LED nap... we won't tell if you snore).  AKA The "Holy Sh_t" My skin looks fabulous facial! Perfect before an event - holiday party - family photos  Smooths fine lines  Brightens and deeply hydrates giving you that glow from within Your skin will glow without feeling "greasy or shiny" Not just another "Fluffy Facial" Improves skin health at a cellular level  Call/Text 414-477-9220 to schedule   Please allow 90+ minutes    $225

Offer Available: 11/1/2022 - 12/31/2022