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HydraBright Deep Hydration Facial  

I love this product so much I've designed a facial aound it!  Double facial cleanse with Glo AHA Brightening Cleansers Steamy Flower Enxyme to gently dissolve dull dry skin Dermaplane or Microdermabrasion (optional) HydraGlo treatment (optional) Light application of HydraBright AHA peel HydraBright AHA Brightening Masque Soothing Alpha Arbutin Drops and Hyaluronic Toner Spritz Relaxing Eye Treatment with HydraBright AHA Eye cream HydraBright AHA Moisturizer Application aPeel Skin Spa Signature Buffed Sunscreen application Free Gift - Sample HydraBright AHA Moisturizer will extend the Glo!  This facial is safe for any skin type, but is best if you have fine lines and dark spots. There's no "down time" or peeling.  Just smoother softer skin with soft glow. Starting at $125  Call/Text  414-477-9220  to schedule  

Offer Available: 3/1/2024 - 4/25/2024