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Back In Stride™ Office Massages (20 Minutes)

Back On Track™ Office Massages (45 Minutes)

Energize Me™ Office Massages (5 minutes)

Feeling Better™ Office Massages (30 Minutes)

Good To Go™ Office Massages (15 Minutes)

Pump Me Up™ Office Massages (10 minutes)


8910 Miramar Parkway, Suite 111 Miramar FL |
Phone: (954) 404-0970 | E-Mail:
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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: This service is reserved for organizations or large groups who have already reserved an event with us. Do not purchase this service if you do not have a confirmed reservation with us. If you would like to schedule massages for your organization or event please call/text (954) 404-0970 email us We require a $195 total spend and 2 hour minimum for onsite chair massages. We cover the following South Florida areas: Miami Dade Broward and Palm Beach counties. Call (954) 404-0970 if you need assistance or have questions regarding your upcoming event. PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING YOUR SERVICE. YOU ARE PRE-PAYING FOR YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL SERVICE NOT THE ENTIRE GROUP: Make sure you coordinate scheduling with the organizer of your event and report to the designated area at least 5 minutes prior to your massage. Due to the personal nature of our services refunds are not permitted. Refunds are not permitted for late arrivals and no shows. Thanks for your business and enjoy your chair massages!