Abigail S.

Level 3 Stylist

Introducing Abigail, our hairstyling maestro who weaves wonders with hair and effortlessly exudes quiet confidence. As a Level 3 stylist with years of experience, Abigail's artistry is second to none. She may be laid back, but her skills are anything but casual.


With a passion for continual growth, Abigail embraces the art of hairstyling as a lifelong journey. Countless hours of honing her craft and attending various continuing education classes have elevated her expertise to new heights. When she's not crafting bespoke hair creations, you'll find her exploring innovative techniques to bring fresh and inspired looks to her cherished clients.


In her tranquil presence, guests feel an instant connection, knowing they are in the hands of a true artist. While she may not be the center of attention, Abigail's work speaks volumes, painting vivid stories through colors and cuts. So, if you're searching for a masterful hairstylist who's both relaxed and remarkable, look no further than Abigail – the serene genius of unique and captivating styles.