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Toni Cyan-Brock

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Life coach/ Esthetician

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On a personal level, I am an animal lover.  I have two large rescue Labs. I love all animals and they seem to return the favor.

I've traveled to many places around the globe and have lived abroad for a year.

I love working on films and for television productions.  I am a generalist and I have worked at nearly every level of the process.  .

A passion of mine has always been taking things that have been discarded and making something new and beautiful from those items. I make mosaic windows.  My latest project is my largest to date.  An entire mini house build from discarded items.  When it is finished, I will move into it and live in it mortgage free. 
Four years ago I gave up a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and most of my possessions to live a minimalist lifestyle. 
There are belongings; things that connect us to our society and culture, and there are possessions; items we have that get in the way of our dreams, and possess us.  My personal goal is to have belongings and eliminate possessions so I can live my dreams while helping others realize theirs. 


I studied Esthiology at the Ogle School in Dallas, TX.  I  consider myself blessed to have been trained by an amazing teacher.  A European instructor, exacting in her instruction, making sure that every stroke, every product, and every treatment I did met her high standards.  It isn't uncommon for me to imagine her standing at the end of my table, her arms folded silently nodding approval or making a quick gesture to go on to the next phase.  Since graduation I have attended professional courses every year in order to learn other  techniques and to use the latest modalities. I also participate in professional conventions each year.

I studied life coaching through Terri Levine, an extraordinary life coach.  I have written several books and worked as a public speaker.   One of my most rewarding experiences was that of guest staff member in a therapeutic community.
I have also worked as an instructor at both a college and university where I became acutely aware of common blocks to personal growth and fulfillment of dreams.