Mouna Laini

Holistic Medical Aesthetician

Mouna's belief in the purity of the human life force and the power of the natural world  has been a constant source of motivation toward authenticity and excellence in her holistic practice. 

Mouna holds a bachelors degree in business administration, earned her skincare license through the Holistic Skin and Body Care Institute of Morocco, and then became licensed in the U.S.A. through the LA Academy of Salon Professionals.

After practicing medical aesthetics in the high-pressure environments of both Dr. Laser Medical Aesthetics and Kalologie, serving nearly 200 clients a month for five years, Mouna decided to start her own practice. Opening The Moroccan Spa was the best decision she's ever made. Now, Mouna enjoys a closer, more fulfilling relationship with her clients in her very own spa, where she is free to further develop her holistic practice. Through her work, Mouna has discovered the joy of helping others achieve healthy, beautiful skin, while passing on her knowledge and healing gifts both to her clients, and other aestheticians who wish to practice holistic skincare.

Mouna released her very own 100% natural product line in 2015, The Moroccan Spa, by Mouna Laini. These unique, highly effective products combine Mouna's twenty years of experience as a skincare professional, with the highest quality oils, herbs, and healing compounds, sourced from all over the world.

The Laini Story: In Morocco, behind the atlas Mountain, stands a village of only 1000 residents. Engraved in the entrance to the village, are the words "Skin Healer Here", to lead visitors seeking the renowned skincare treatment and pure Argan oil the village had become known for. That skin healer was Mouna Laini's Great Aunt.

Each half a century a woman in the Laini family, (originally the Ayet Laine family) would carry this gift of healing. This time, the Laini woman with the skincare gift immigrated to the USA and decided to practice skincare in Los Angeles, California. Thousands of miles away, the residents of the village are proud and excited for Mouna's skincare journey, sharing their proud Moroccan skincare and Argan oil legacy through her practice.

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