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As smartphones and tablets spread across the globe, mobile commerce and communication are now responsible for a huge percentage of searches and online sales. More and more people are turning to their phones for instant info on the go. Mobile websites are now A MUST for every business.

The main difference between a mobile site and a regular site viewed on an iPhone, Andriod, or Windows phone is the size of the buttons and content. When you activate a SalonBuilder mobile site you are giving users a new interface to navigate your site with large buttons, faster loading times, and click to call/locate features. Without a Mobile Site users have to use pinch-to-zoom and many features wont work properly.

How Mobile Sites Turn Users Into Clients
Statistics show that mobile friendly sites are not only preferred by mobile users but actually encourage sales and booking on the go. Over 50% of users say that if they don't find what they are looking for right away on a site on their phone they will quickly leave to find a better site.

Many users are frustrated and discouraged by sites that are not made for their phones with a smaller screen. When users find sites that are mobile friendly, they are much more likely to browse for services, call or book appointments online, and use the click to locate option to find your business and come in. Mobile sites give your clients the experience they want on the go.

How Much Do Most Mobile Sites Cost?
If you go elsewhere, depending on the company, you can pay anywhere from $300-$2000 for setup and design costs plus $15-$100 every month for hosting and fees.

With SalonBuilder, your Mobile Website is FREE!!!

With no setup fees, you get a Basic Mobile Site that matches your website design and includes activated optional features like Secure Appointment Booking, Gift Certificate Sales and Photo Galleries. Your mobile site will load faster and work better on mobile devices and is fully optimized for Google Searches. You can display your logo and Company Name along with business hours, location, phone number and more...

Why Upgrade to Enhanced Mobile?
Want more out of your mobile site? You can upgrade to Enhanced mobile for just $6.95/month. This upgrade has no setup fees and expands on your Basic Mobile site by adding all your website pages to your mobile site. This includes Email Signups, Service Pricing & Info, Staff Profiles and Custom Pages plus more. You also get large graphic buttons on your home page to encourage users to click for services, products, booking, Gift Certificates...

Best of all, Enhanced Mobile Sites get better search rankings because you have more content and information. All of this for $6.95 a month!

Don't Let the Competition Win Over Your Clients
Studies have shown that not having a mobile website will not only hurt you, but will help your counterpart who was smart enough to get a mobile friendly site. Most people who don't find what they want right away, or who are frustrated with the need to pinch to zoom will simply go to another site that is mobile friendly. This could mean the difference between a new client choosing you over the Salon or Spa next door. With so many people using smartphone for searching out what they want, your mobile site will keep you ahead of the competition.

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