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Spoil Her

30 Minute Massage

30 Minute Spa Pedicure

Time For Togetherness

30 Minute Hot Tub

60 Minute Couples Massage

Jacuzzi & Massage

30 Minutes in Jacuzzi
30 Minute Massage

30 Minutes Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi soak

1. Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
this helps detox and release tight muscles to get better results during your massage. (great to do right before your massage)

30 Minute Swedish Massage

30 Minute Deep Tissue

30 Minutes

30 Minute Spa Pedicure

Soak, clean and trim nails, exfoliating scrub, moisturize, paint toes. 30 minutes. 

60 Minute Swedish Massage

This is a relaxation technique comprised mostly of long gliding strokes and gentle kneading of the tissue.  Add a bit of tapotement friction and vibration and you have a classic swedish relaxing massage. 60 Min.

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue-  This is specific work to problem areas / muscles that are stressed, neck / shoulder tension and pain, back discomfort, sciatic nerve pain, migraines, carpel tunnel, neuropathy, TMJ.   In an hour we can treat 1,2, or 3 areas max, this is not a full body massage unless you book 90 min or longer. 60 Min. 

60 Minute Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Soak, clean and trim nails, remove calluses , exfoliating scrub, mask with hot towels, moisturize and massage , finish with polish toes. 60 Minutes

Eminence Orgainc Facial 60 Minutes

Using the natural organic line from eminence, enjoy a custom blended skin awaking, for the best results in firming, calming, or clearing acne. with a consultation before your treatment.

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Mini Princess Package

$85 per diva.
mini princess manicure & pedicure
hair shampoo & styled


Hospital grade machine that uses crystals to gently remove the dead skin, the vacuum pressure stimulates the circulation and increases the collagen production,  to promote a youthful glow and reduction of winkles and dark skin pigmentation.

Prenatal Massage 60 Minutes

Great for the pregnant mother to be, relieves back and leg pain, with the use of special full body cushion to allow you to lay face down without pressure on the belly. recommended after your first trimester.

Hot Stone Massage 60 Minutes

The Most Popular combo of firm and gentle pressure where you need it. The achy back and neck will get special attention with the heat penetrating deep into the muscles from the warm stones, a full body of ultimate relaxation, a definite pleaser !!

Sweet Dreams

1 Hour Swedish Massage 
1 Hour Spa Pedicure 

Head to Toe

1 Hour Custom Facial
1 Hour Spa Pedicure

Hot Stone Massage, Organic Facial

60 min. Hot Stone Massage
60 min. Eminence Organic Facial

Tropical Escape

1 Hour Swedish Massage
1 Hour Eminence Organic Facial
Choice of Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
or Ionic Foot Detox Treatment
can add lunch for $15
Complimentary wine 

Just for Him

60 Minute Sports Massage
One Hour Men's Facial
Haircut & Styled
choice of Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
or  Ionic Foot Detox

Day at the Spa Sampler Package

30 Minute Massage
30  Minute Facial
30 Minute Spa Pedicure
30 Minute Manicure
Hair Shampoo & Style
can add lunch for $15 extra
complimentary wine service

Mind, Body, & Spirit

30 minutes Hot Tub Jacuzzi

1 Hour Swedish Massage
30 Minute Exfoliating Body Scrub
1 Hour Spa Pedicure
can add lunch for $15
Complimentary Wine

Total Body Detox

 30 min, Hot Tub Jacuzzi
One Hour Swedish Massage
Detoxifying Body Wrap
Ionic Foot Detox


The Luxury Package

30 minute Steam Sauna, or Foot Detox Treatment
60 minute Eminence Organic Facial
45 minute Exfoliating Body Scrub
60 minute Spa Pedicure

The Ultimate Experience

1 Hour Swedish Massage
1 Hour Eminence Organic Facial
1 Hour Spa Pedicure
your choice of
 Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
 or Ionic Foot Detox
complimentary wine service, can add lunch for $15

Pamper Us Together

One Hour Couples Massage
One Hour Spa Pedicure

The Serenity Package

1 Hour Swedish Massage
1 Hour Eminence Organic Facial
1 Hour Spa Pedicure
Spa Manicure
Hair Shampoo & Style
your choice of
 Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
or  Ionic Foot Detox
complimentary wine service, can add lunch for $15

Mother & Daughter Retreat

30 Minute Hot Tub 
1 Hour Swedish Massage in Doubles suite
1 Hour Spa Manicure & Pedicure (each person)

Hot Mama

30 Minute Steam Sauna with Body Wrap    
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Eminence Organic Facial
Hot Stone Pedicure   
complimentary wine service                                                                   

The Fountain of Youth Journey

60 Minute Eminence Organic  Facial
90 Minute Swedish Massage
60 Minute Spa Pedicure and Manicure
Exfoliating Body Scrub
Hair Shampoo & Styled
your choice of  Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
or Ionic Foot Detox
complimentary wine service

Just the Two of Us

  1 Hour Swedish massage
1 Hour Eminence Organic Facial
(each person) all done together in our couples suite
Plus your choice of
Hot Tub / Jacuzzi
or Ionic Foot Detox
can add lunch  $15 more, complimentary wine service

Couples Bliss

1 Hour Swedish Massage
1 Hour  Eminence Organic Facial
1 Hour Spa Pedicure
done together in our Double suite. total time 4 hours
your choice of
 Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi
or Ionic Foot Detox
can add lunch for $15 more
complimentary wine service

Ultimate Duo Escape

30 Min. Hot Tub Jacuzzi

1 Hour Eminence Organic Facial
30 Minute Exfoliating Body Scrub
1 Hour Swedish Massage
1 Hour Spa Pedicure
 all done together in our doubles suite.
Can add lunch for $15 more
Complimentary wine service
total time 5 hours


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