Priced To Pamper


Event Spa Stations

$295 for 2 hours, $325 for 3 hours and $95 each additional hour
Stiletto Foot Massage™ 
Energizing Chair Massage™ 
Text Addict Hand Massage™

                                            Click for more stations

$99 Spa Bar, any 2 services

Body Blvd Scrub™ (30 min) 

Caring Table Massage™ (30min)

Dollface Facial™ (30 min)

6 guest minimum required

Last minute spa packages available this weekend!

$499 Girls Getaway Mini Spa:

Stiletto Foot Massage™ with Tres Leche Footsoak™

Energizing Chair Massage™

                                             Spa ambiance & gratuity included, up to 6 guests

$99 Ten Minute Zen

Clear Mind Massage™ (10 min)

Energizing Chair Massage™ (10 min)

Text Addict Hand Massage™ (10 min) 
Stiletto Foot Massage™(10 min)

A La Carte Menu

My Own Day Spa, $299 minimum spend required

$25 Deep Tissue, Hot Stones or Trigger Gun add-on

$55 Caring Table Swedish Massage (30 min)

$55 Body Blvd Scrub (30 min)

$65 Maternity (30 minutes)

$99 Dollface Facial™ (30 minutes)

$99 Caring Aromatherapy Swedish Massage (60 min)

$125 Maternity, Deep Tissue or Hot Stones Massage (60 min)

My First Spa Party

$299 My First Spa Party for 8 kids includes
My First Manicure
My First Pedicure 
My First Facial
Make Your Own Spa Craft 
                                            Invitations, Spa Hostess & more!  

                                                               For children ages 3-13 only. Each additional child is $25
                                           Click here for our kid's site!

FREE Party Perks!

All Spa Parties Include: 
Upfront Pricing (no hidden fees)               
Spa Ambiance
Dedicated Spa Hostess*
                                            For parties of 10 or more