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Suite Rental information or questions can be email to the contact email.  All other questions per products or appointments can be emailed directly to the stylist. (as per listed contact info) about our products or services. The email is listed to susan@expressionssalon.com for general information on the Suites.
You can review each listing per stylist. The address information shown on this page is the main building.
The Mapping links may be used to find us when you visit.

We look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you, Susan Christensen

Contact Info

Expression Salon Suites
6045 Rockwell Dr. NE Suite C-6 Cedar Rapids, IA
52402, United States

Business Hours

Mon: Per each stylist
Tues: Per each stylist
Wed: Per each stylist
Thur: Per each stylist
Fri: Per each stylist
Sat: Per each stylist
Sun: Per each stylist