Let me highlight the beauty in you!


I It is my goal is to always exceed your expectations.
I serve my clients in the best possible way to offer them a relaxed, professional, clean, friendly and friendly atmosphere.
I want to make your experience as unique and memorable as you.
My mission is to constantly bring you the freshest styles,
trends and the most modern ideas and adapt them to your personality and hair type.
I offer a variety of high quality services to meet your needs.
I will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you can only get from me.
Check out my full service menu below to get an idea of what I do.
Please note: Prices for services and availability are subject to change without notice.


Specialty Colors

Expert coloring and highlighting services by Priscilla Rivera
Service  begins with an in-depth consultation
 ChromaSilk  PRAVANA hair care and hair color products
are always free of parabens, sulfates, cocamide DEA, formaldehyde, phthalates,
and many other ingredients commonly used in cosmetic products but known to be harmful to users or the environment. This hybrid approach, which marries time proven botanical extracts and natural proteins with modern elements such as nano-amino acids and micro-polymers, provides hair care that is truly super-natural while also protecting the planet and its people.

Color & Style

Styling and coloring hair
(single process)

Color  Haircut & Style


Partial Highlights  & Style

Up to 20 foils using a light or dark color  

Partial Highlights  Haircut & Style


Hair Color  Partial Highlights & Style


Hair Color  Partial Highlights Haircut & Style


Full Highlights & Style

Are strips of hair that you dye a lighter or darker color using aluminum foils

Full Highlights Haircut & Style


Hair Color  Full Highlights & Style


Hair Color  Full Highlights Haircut & Style


Partial Caramelized & Style


Partial Caramelized  Haircut & Style 

Up to 20 foils using 2 different color

Hair Color Partial Caramelized & Style


Hair Color Partial Caramelized Haircut & Style


Full Caramelized & Style

When you like more than one color for your highlights

Full Caramelized  Haircut & Style

Bleach & Toner Touch Up

Touch up and lighten dark roots and keep your blonde hair beautiful

Cap Highlights & Style

The “cap method” refers to the use of a plastic cap
(frosting cap or tipping cap)
 that fits snugly over the skull

Color Toner

It is to neutralize the unwanted tones or to enhance.
Following after any chemical service
(Style or Haircut is NOT included)

Corrective Colors

Corrective color usually means change…
Sometimes a corrective service is needed when a client
decides to make a drastic change.


Performed following chemical service to add intense shine
(Style is not included)

Go Back Color & Style

Are you tired to been dying your hair?
 Let's go back to a similar natural color!

Peekaboo highlights & Style

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle or out of the ordinary, adding peekaboo highlights to your hair’s middle or lower sections can show off color in a less obvious way. Because peekaboo highlights are placed on strands that are partially hidden, the line of demarcation where highlights begin is less obvious
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Service Policy

In order for Priscilla to accommodate all guests, she ask that you arrive at you scheduled appointment time. In the event that you arrive after your scheduled service time, we may be unable to guarantee full application of services.

Cancelation Policy:
A minimum 24 hour advance notice is required. Clients not showing for scheduled appointments on 2 or more occasions maybe required to prepay for future services.
If you are not satisfied with your hair service please contact me within 3 days from
your appointment. Priscilla Rivera does not accept responsibility for improper maintenance
of any hair service. I suggest the exclusive use of professionals products.
Just FYI !
  • Chemicals services may require additional solution
  • Haircut is NOT included in the pricing of any service
  • Additional charges for hair length,texture or density may be apply
  • Sorry but we do not accept checks