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Labor day specials work hard all week you deserve a break today at Norwegian spa !!

WHAT !!!
A massage and facial and a free mask for home  combo for $150. inclusive.


Radiofrequency ( collagen building treatment)

Radio frequency is a nonsurgical method to tighten skin it generates heat energy natural resistance in the subcutaneous tissue. Promoting the dermal layer produce collagen at a temperature of 45 to 60°C  you will immediately  feel the lifting  skin tightening effects .  The collagen building makes the thickness and density of the skin in the dermis smoothing  the wrinkles restores skin elasticity and give us back  the fair complexion that we once had by restoring and promoting collagen production. 

The Infrared light electromagnet wave length ranges from 4- 14 strong permit ability and penetrate human skin up to 15 cm infrared repairs ,stimulates the activity of biological macromolecules to promote collagen production and improve blood circulation increase metabolism increasing the production of collagen is what we all want  This treatment promotes healing of damaged cells , diminishes  inflammation, swelling it helps  overall  skin health.

      All treatments start out with a cleansing and toning treatment with
' Tree Froggy True Organic Performance products. And end with TFTOPP   protective  SPF.moisturizer.

BAMBOO JADE (full body)Sea Salt exfol.-$ facial 35. /125.00
A special blend of pure essentials oils added according to preferences and  is mixed with sea or earth salts to create an essential deep pore cleansing from head to toe. Rough,dry skin is removed, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.After salts are removed with hot towels ,a light application of true coconut -rich cream is added as a finishing touch.
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