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Destination Spas and Destination Spa Websites, Information and Listings

Definition of a Destination Spa
A day spa is an establishment that offers a variety of skin care services and cosmetic services as well as a full suite of relaxation services such as massage and aromatherapy.  Destination spas and resort spas are similar to day spas in that they offer a variety of services for skin, body and nails. Destination spas also offer massage services, and specialize in spa packages that range from 1hr to all day.

Licensing and employment information for Destination Spas
Destination spas and resort spas employ estheticians specializing in skin care and skin beautification services such as facials, exfoliation, and anti-aging treatments. Spa licensing requirements vary from state to state, and depending on which specific type of license is desired; esthetician, manicurist/pedicurist, electrologist, massage technician, or other spa specialization. For a state by state breakdown of licensing requirements, click here. For more information on day spa jobs, hiring, recruiting and employment, check out Destination Spa jobs, hiring and recruiting.

Services typically offered by Destination Spas
Destination spas and resort spas specialize in skin care and skin beautification services such as facials, exfoliation, and anti-aging treatments. Most businesses classified as destination spas also offer nail services such as manicures, pedicures and other hand and foot treatments. Destination spas and resort spas also offer a full suite of relaxation services like aromatherapy and varieties of massage, including classic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage or muscle therapy. Some spas offer body and health services too - such as body wraps, body immersion, mud baths or hydrotherapy. Destination spas and resort spas usually offer package deals with several services grouped together in 1hr to full day experiences.

Products used by or offered by Destination Spas
Some spas also include retail sales of beauty products for consumers. Skin care products may include lotions, exfoliants, anti-acne products, tanning and bronzing products, and herbal or chemical solutions. Nail care products may include nail polish, acrylic nails, and nail care tools. Massage products may include massage oils and scented candles.

Professional Destination Spa Websites and Web Design for Destination Spas
SalonBuilder specializes in destination spa web design and web development for destination spas. SalonBuilder has over 80 design and color templates to choose from, and easy to use administration tools so you can manage your website without having to contact a 'web guy'. For more information on SalonBuilder Destination Spa Websites or to sign-up now, click here. Also, check out our extensive list of SalonBuilder website clients.

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