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Salon Business Development - Keys to Success for a Salon or Spa Business

Keys to Running a Successful Salon or Spa Business (Part 2)

Salon Customer Service and Satisfaction is the Key
The success of your salon or day spa will be directly linked to your ability to satisfy your customers. There is no better way to retain existing customers than to have them leave happy on every visit. And word-of-mouth can be an extremely effective form of organically marketing your salon or spa. Customer service starts with a courteous and professionally trained staff.

Create a Comfortable, Clean and Safe Atmosphere for your Salon or Spa
From the point that customers enter your salon or spa establishment to the point they exit they should be presented with an environment that is clean, safe, comfortable and relaxing. Salon and Spa customers expect cleansiness. Make sure that floors are sweeped in between customers. Make sure towels, trimmers and other equipment are washed and fresh for new customers. Install comfortable couches and furniture in waiting areas. Offer magazines and/or coffee table books for reading. Anything you can do to make your salon or spa more comfortable and relaxing will help retain customers and gain new ones.

Salon and Spa Convenience
One of the advantages to opening a more full service beauty salon is that it will be more convenient to your customers. If you offer hair, nail, beauty and spa services, then you present a one-stop solution for all your customers beauty needs. A client can schedule several services in one visit, rather than having to go to several establishments at different times. Also, offering a selection of salon and spa products to your clients is a convenience for them, and generates revenue for you.

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