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Claim Your Business Listing on Google Places for Better Local Search Results

You can improve your salon or spa exposure on Google by claiming a Google Places local listing for your business. It only takes a few minutes to signup and claim your Google Places listing, and you will benefit from increased local exposure for your business. We highly recommend that all our members take a few minutes to claim their Google Places listing.

Top Reasons to Claim Your Google Places Listing:

  1. Your business will rank higher in Google Maps and Google Universal Search results.

  2. You can easily maintain your Google Places listing and make sure everything is up-to-date in search results.

  3. You can add enhanced info to your Google listing, including photos, coupons, special offers, events and more.

  4. It's quick and easy to signup and claim your listing Google Places listing for your Salon or Spa.

  5. It's FREE! - and it just takes a few minutes.

Instructions on how to claim your Google Places listing or
create a new listing in Google Places:

  • 1. Click Here to go to the Google Places Business page.
    You can claim your Google Places listing or Add a New Google Places listing here:

  • 2. You'll need a Google Account to claim your Google Places listing or add a new listing.
    If you already have a Google email (Gmail) account, you can just enter your email and password to login, then skip to Step #4. If you don't already have a Google account, you can quickly and easily create one by clicking on the "Create an Account Now" button. Just fill out the information required for signup. Your current email address can be the same email you use for SalonBuilder, or personal email. Remember to write down what email address you use and what password you create, so you'll be able to login in the future. After you fill out the form, click the "Create my Account" button at the bottom.

  • 3. Verify your existing email address.
    Upon clicking the "Create my Account" button, Google will have send an email to your existing email address. Login to your email and look for the message from Google. Now, click the link at the top of the email message to verify your email account. You will be brought to a web page that says "Email Account Verified". Now click the "Click Here to Continue" link on the page to login to your Google account.

  • 4. Now you can claim your Google Places listing or create a New Google Places listing.
    Click the button that says "List Your Business" to proceed. Enter your Businesses main phone number and country to proceed. Google will check to see if your business already has a Places listing. If it does, you can "Claim" your listing to take control of it and add additional info. Just click the "Edit" button by your busines name. If a Google Places listing doesn't exist, you'll be able to enter info to create a new listing.

  • 5. Enter Information for your Google Places listing.
    Fill out the form with information about your business. The more information you provide, the better Google will rank you in local searches. Make sure to enter your website address, a short description of your business, and categories for your business. You can be listed in up to 5 categories (such as "Beauty Salon" "Hair Salon", "Nail Salon", "Tanning Salon", "Barber Shop", "Day Spa", "Medical Spa", "Wellness Program", etc. Enter information about your hours of operation (if you have standard hours), and payments accepted. Also, we highly recommend uploading some good photos of your business. If you can, upload at least one photo of the outside of your business, and one photo of the inside. Under "Additional Details", you can enter the brands you use. For example, type "Brands Used" in the box on the left, and "Redken, Paul Mitchell, CHI, etc.." in the box on the right. You can also use the Additional Details area for "Amenities" : "Free Parking, Drinks, TV, Couches, Sauna, Towels, etc." Once you've filled out the form, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

  • 6. Validate Your Google Places Business Listing.
    Upon clicking the "Submit Button" button, Google will give you options on how to Validate the listing that you've submitted. Click the "Validate by Postcard" radio button to have Google send a postcard to your business address with a PIN number on it for verification. Click the "Finish" button on this page. The final step is to keep an eye on your mail at your business address. It generally takes 1-3 weeks for the validation postcard to arrive. Once you receive it in the mail, it will have a PIN Number and simple instructions on how to validate your Google Places account. Once you've done this, you're all set! Your business will benefit from improved local search rankings on Google, and you'll have the ability to advertise special offers and coupons directly through Google!

  • For additional step-by-step instructions by Google, click here.

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