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Salon Website and Spa Website Marketing (Part 4)

If you're reading this, no doubt you have. . .or are in the process. . .of creating your salon's very own web site thanks to SalonBuilder's exclusive web building tool.

Did you know that creating. . .and marketing. . .your web site costs much less than running:
• A print ad campaign
• A radio advertising campaign
• A television advertising campaign

Direct mail and television marketing campaigns present their own unique problems. (Think about all that junk mail that ends up in your circular file - trash bin! How long did you remain on the phone when that last telemarketer called you?)

So, how do you market your salon's web site? Shamelessly! Laugh, joke, whisper, shout. Tell EVERYBODY! If you aren't excited, proud and energized about your web site, no one else will be.

How do you get the word out? Publish your web site's address EVERYWHERE! Customers and clients need to know about your site. Below is a list of where you can publicize your web site at little or no cost.

Register your web site URL with the various search engines... CLICK HERE for a good overview of this process and the many options available to you.(note: this will open a new browser window)

Collect the email addresses of all of your clients by asking for it when they make appointments, buy merchandise, or pay for services. A friendly question "May I have your email address?" can go a long way to building your online marketing list. All email addresses you collect should be entered into the GuestBook page of your web site so that you may include them in future mailings.

If you have signed up for the appointment request and/or gift certificate purchasing options, be sure to mention these powerful features to all your clients. Give a small reward to those that use your online features. Free samples, often available from your distributors, given to anyone booking an appointment online is a no cost promotional tool that can work wonders. A small purchase discount for anyone buying a gift certificate or requesting and appointment online might be just the incentive to encourage an additional purchase.

When confirming appointments booked online....offer a "virtual coupon" to the client. You know what they are having done...why not tell them since they are getting their hair styled... they will get 10% off a styling gel purchase or some similar promotion. This gives a great incentive for booking those appointments online.

Printed Materials - Most of your printed material has to do with the business routine. Why not use these materials to your advantage and advertise your web site?

Salon and Stylists Business Cards Note Cards
Stationery and Letterhead Note Pads
Envelopes Message Pads
Fax Cover Sheet Appointment Cards
Checks Name Tags
Invoices Rubber Stamps
Brochures Labels
Pamphlets Postage Meter
Flyers Receipt Tape
Catalogs Price Tags
Thank You Notes Shopping Bags
  Packing Materials

Other printed material - Although this material is printed for special occasions, they should contain your salon web address as a reminder to clients.

Paper cups

Office Supplies - They're visible, and they're sitting in your salon reception area. . .and in constant view of clients. Why not put them to good use advertising your site?

Pens and pencils
Mouse pads
Paperclip holders
Letter opener

Specialty Items - These are those special items that you might create to celebrate your salon's anniversary or other milestones. Or, perhaps some of these items are given to preferred clients. Let them serve as a reminder of your salon's web address!


Hopefully, you've been inspired and can add even more opportunities to promote your web site than are listed here.

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