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 All services are performed at my comfortable HOME STUDIO or by appointment at your home or office.

I will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you can only get from a trained professional. Check out my complete service menu below to get a feel for what I do. Please note: Service prices and availability are subject to change

Cancellation policies:

You must cancel your appointment a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled appointment or you will be charged a $25 late cancellation/no-show fee. 


Let your aches and pains melt away with our professional massage therapy.

30 Minute Specialized Massage In Your Area Of Pain

$30 for 30 minutes
This is a targeted massage on a specific area of your body where you are experiencing pain or stress. 

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

$50 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes
Trigger Point Massage Miami, FLORIDA

Trigger point massages works to relieve the pent up muscles, relieving them of tension, and reducing the source of pain. This is done through a series of applying isolated pressure to the targeted muscle and then releasing the muscle. By these pressure and release cycles, a person is able to feel relief from strain and pain almost immediately. Additionally, the patient must work with the therapist by practicing deep breathing techniques and letting the therapist know which muscles need attention. Trigger point massages are a wonderful way to minimize pain and stress naturally, without having to pop a harmful pain pill.

Trigger Point Massages benefit the patient physically, mentally, and emotionally. The physical benefits include a fostering of healing to strained muscles, reducing blood pressure, relieving stress, aiding in greater flexibility, enhancing athletic performance, promoting better breathing, improving circulation

Sports Massage

$50 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes
Sports Massages Miami, FL

Sports massage is further endorsed as being effective for clients before and following sporting events or performances, both priming muscle groups for the ensuing movement or restoring and loosening up muscle groups following exertion. Depending on the activity or sport involved, many areas of the body can become strained due to the repetitive motion or extreme assertion of particular muscle groups. Sports massage is an integral component of a holistic approach to wellness that can be used to augment existing treatment options and routines to optimize performance and expedite recovery following. Surgical patients have reported faster healing and less discomfort when regularly utilizing sports massage from qualified massage therapists and practitioners.

The impact of sports massage on the actual performance of an athlete or client is further endorsement for integrating this practice into current regimens. Those rece

Deep Tissue Massage

$50 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes
Miami Florida Deep Tissue Massages

If you’re suffering from stiff muscles and back pain, you may be tempted to try an over-the-counter pain reliever. Pain medicine just masks the pain. It doesn’t solve the problem. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that will reduce or eliminate the pain. Similar to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage uses more pressure than the classic massage.

Nelson, A skilled massage therapist will use massage techniques to release tension in tendons and tissues. A therapist may use his or her fingers, knuckles, fists or forearms to create the pressure that loosens the tissue. You may experience some soreness, but you shouldn’t feel pain.

What Clients Are Saying:

Always a great massage and at an affordable price. I’ve been coming for years…


Massages can last from thirty minutes to one hour, depending on what you choose. Your massage therapist may offer other types of massages, such as Swedish or hot stone. Some massage therapists offer additional services like body wraps and facials.

People who receive regular deep tissue massages experience a number of benefits. In addition to relieving pain, deep tissue massage can loosen scar tissue and lengthen muscles. It also can relieve pain from chronic injuries. Some studies suggest that regular massage can lower blood pressure and increase the production of serotonin. For diabetics, massage may lower blood glucose levels and help the body absorb insulin.

Swedish Massage

$50 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes
Swedish salon massage is a traditional massage modality which employs effleurage (stroking) and percussion techniques. This is the classic massage style that has proven effective for years in providing stress relief, pain reduction, and increased mobility for trouble spots. Be sure to mention if you are suffering from any injuries or skin conditions before scheduling this service.

Classic Massage

$50 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes
My classic massage service employs a combination of popular and effective massage techniques to provide amazing results. We strive to make you feel comfortable and relaxed with a customized massage experience. Your therapist will work with you to address problem areas and provide stress and pain relief as well as increased mobility and circulation.

Chair Massage

$60 per hour 
3 hour minimum available for office and corporate events show your employees your appreciation of there hard work they do for you and your company with a nice relaxing chair massage helps improve work performance, decrease stress, increase blood flow, increase job focus and concentration.

Body Treatments





Salt Scrub

Salt scrub is a exfoliation of the skin it helps to take off the top dead layer of skin off leaving your skin shiny and smooth that service is only.

Body Grooming

Starting at $35
I offer body shaving and body trimming.

Our Policy:

Please call (305)905-5397 or email nelsonasands@yahoo.com for my appointment policies.

Please note: All services are performed at my comfortable HOME STUDIO or by appointment at your home or office.

Cancellation policies:

You must cancel your appointment a minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled appointment or you will be charged a $25 late cancellation/no-show fee.