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NYS Laws
1.) All Stylist, Nail Techs, and Aestheticians are required to complete hours of schooling and pass a written and practical exams provided by New York.
2.) All Stylist, Nail Techs & aestheticians are required to have their valid license with photo posted at the station where their services are performed.
If your current salon does not have licenses with photos hanging on the wall or posted at the station where you are receiving a service, contact NYS Department of Licensing. They are working illegally and you are paying them.

1.) Volpe has always used a EMA acrylic which is safe for your natural nails and FDA approved. If you are not sure what your nail tech uses, the harmful MMA product has a sweet, strong odor and the nail tech normally wears a mask.  MMA acrylic can cause severe damage to your natural nails, cause liver & kidney damage , miscarriages and even cancer.  MMA acrylic can be purchased from companies oversees and cost a fraction of an EMA acrylic. MMA acrylic is illegal and extremely harmful!
2.) NYS requires any tool or instrument that is used on your natural nails to either be sterilized or thrown out after every client. If your nail tech uses a metal sanding band to rough up your natural nail and it does NOT come out of a hospital grade disinfectant, your are in risk of an infection or disease. We use NEW sanding bands on all of our clients and they are changed in front of the client.
3.)Most discount salons  demand a NEW set of nails every few months, this causes more damage to your natural nails then just maintaining with fills every 2 - 4 weeks. I personally have had acrylic nails for 21 years without ever removing them. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies and my natural nails are in perfect condition.
4.) If you have red rings around your natural nail where your nail tech preps for a fill, they are buzzing to hard on your natural nail and could cause permanent damage of your nail bed. We call these "fire rings" and can normally be all the way up the nail.
5.) Most discount salon charge "a la carte" prices. They lure customers in with a ridiculously cheap price , then charge extra for everything. We believe that all reapairs, shortening, polish, polish removal should ALL be included in the service price. We guarantee ALL our full sets for 2 weeks, we will fix any broken nails for free within the 2 weeks.  We fix ALL broken nails for free up to 3 days after a fill, as long as it's solely our product.

1.) NYS prohibits ALL salon from using credo knives, razors, blades and pumice stones.  Pumice stones are extremely porous and can not be sanitized. Razors, blades & credo knives are illegal for a salon to even have them on the premises.  NYS schools DO NOT train students on the proper uses of these instruments and require a medical licenses to use!
2.) Pedicure chairs should sterilized between every client with hospital grade disinfectant.  

If you go to a salon that is cheaper then the average American salon, chances are they are using inferior products that can be compromising your health. For all of NYS laws go to NYS Department of licensing.


GIFT CERTIFICATESALL gift certificates are non-refundable, have no cash value, can not be reissued if lost or stolen, can not be used towards tax or gratuity.

ALL gift certificates must be presented before the time of service, otherwise will not be accepted.

ALL Donated gift certificates can not be substituted for any other service or dollar amount.

APPOINTMENTSWe require a 48 hour notice for any cancelation of appointments, or will result in a fee of 50% of the service. Our Stylist & Technicians do not double book and can not fill that spot without proper notification.

All packages or services of 2 or more will need a credit card or gift certificate number to hold that appointment, and requires a 48 hour notice otherwise will be charged for the entire amount of that service.

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