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'Recommend highly ! & Accessible for help when you need it.'

Pros: I can't say enough about what your getting and for the price your getting it for!!! Everyday I find another facet of this system and I'm wowed ! nothing else compares. I have been with salon for over 10 years and I had been lead astray by another once never again it only took me a couple of months to realize it was a big mistake leaving. They welcomed me back with open arms . This team goes over and above the call of duty to make sure you get it ! If you have a question they get right back to you not like all the other systems. I'm extremely happy and recommend.

Cons:I don't have anything to say but it waont submit without something ion this box

Overall: This team goes over and above the call of duty to make sure you get it ! If you have a question they get right back to you not like all the other systems. I'm extremely happy and recommend.

'Salonbuilder Review'

Pros: I like that we have control of our website 24/7 and I can make changes at anytime. I was use to the old version and I struggle sometimes with the new version but I always figure it out

Cons:Everything about it is good. I'm not great at the computer so when they change something it takes me time to figure it out but thats ok

Overall: Great! I've been in business for a little over six years. I must say all my issues over the years Salonbuilder has been the only part of my business I never have to worry about. If I ever need help it gets taken care of immediately

'Great software !!!'

Pros:It was easy to use and I can always get help when I need it !

Cons:In the past it wasn't compatible with some devices, but now they have worked hard on making this better.

Overall: Great customer service, It has been the best experience for me and why I use it !!

Written Testimonials

...above and beyond...

Member Since 2016
" I have always dreamed of building my own website. While surfing the net for websites I came across Salon Builder. I could not believe how easy it was. From the get go, I signed up immediately and never looked back. They are so easy to talk to and always patient and willing to help. Love love love everything about SB. Great Service, Great business. They go way above and beyond what I expect. " best tools for success...

Member Since 2011
" Thank you, your company has been one of my best tools for success. I opened my business in June and I have received so many compliments on my website. I know the site was paid for in full by the third week. I had a client come from 70 miles away who is still coming to me that has spent well over $1000 already on products and services! "

...90-95% of my new business...

Member Since 2002
" You guys have been a huge part of our success (I consider still having our doors open in this economy a success) over the years. The fact that I get 90-95% of my new business from internet searches, and that the website converts them to me after they read the content, shows that what we're doing is working. Can't argue with that.

When I give thanks at Thanksgiving tomorrow, you and your company will be on my list (as you are always in my heart)." "

...above and beyond...

Member Since 2008
" Thank you so much for going out of your way for me today. Choosing your company has been one of the best decisions I've madeduring this expansion. Thank you for showing you TRULY care about what I'm doing. Your customer service you show is unheard of in this day and age. "

...for showing you truly care...

Member Since 2009
" I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with your web site building tools. We have only had our site up for a few weeks and already we have had walk ins that found us on the web. The search engines are working well and your site is so easy to use.

My computer skills are limited but this was so easy to set up. The few times I did contact your customer support, the response was fast and friendly. Thank you Salon Builder, this was exactly what my business needed and it's a HUGE bargain compared to other advertising mediums such as the yellow pages. " looks so beautiful...

Member Since 2012
" Hey, just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job on my website. It looks so beautiful and all my clients are really enjoying it. Thank you so much for making the site beautiful. You are amazing! Thanks again "

...saved me time and money...

Member Since 2004
" THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help, for the last few years that I have been with SalonBuilder, you have always helped me out... It has make my life easier as well as saved me time and money. Again...Thank you."

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to fix the mistakes on my site so quickly. I have been with you for almost five years and during this time you and your company have always shown exceptional service, not only doing whats necessary but doing it effortlessly and going the extra mile. THANKS AGAIN! "

...appreciate your knowledge...

Member Since 2014
" Thanks much SalonBuilder! You are so awesome at this! I REALLY appreciate your knowledge, passion and suggestions to make this a success. Your customer service is AMAZING!!! I am very happy! Thanks Again! " grateful for the upgrades...

Member Since 2009
" We are soooo grateful for the recent upgrades you have done to SalonBuilder! When I first saw the new options, it was like going into my favorite dress shop and being so excited I didn't know which one to try on first!!! "

...customer focused solutions...

Member Since 2010
" You are a true testiment to what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet describe. They always say find people & companies who are willing to provide customer focused solutions rather than customer focused excuses. Thanks you so much for giving us a leg up, it's much appreciated "

...more than my money's worth...

Member Since 2008
" I've gotten about 26 responses to tell me how good the website is...One customer I had not seen in 4 years found the website trying to find me as we had lost touch. She flew in from Tokyo Japan and came in Sunday to have $600.00 worth of services and purchases and came in just for a salon appt. So, I have already gotten more than my money's worth. Thanks for inviting me to get you as a web service. "

...filled daily with appointment...

Member Since 2003
" I appreciate your help as usual! As for general traffic, I am getting a really good response so far... my email box is filled daily with appointment requests and questions. The Guest Book is looking really good as well!! I absolutely love this website and the format. Thank you again so much... "

...most sites aren't so personal...

Member Since 2007
" I so very much appreciate your passion in your business. I have suggested SalonBuilder to many people. You really care and take personal interest in, I'm sure, each account. As I told u before, I am not a computer person! I knew I was doing something wrong! I am so grateful what u did with my services page! Yay!!! I had no idea u would put so much effort into helping out my situation, otherwise I would've emailed you my problems wayyyyyy sooner!!

I think this is a strength of Salon Builder's that u should market a little more!! Seriously, stylists, or even people that aren't in the computer field get frustrated & want to get it done. Most sites aren't so personal. If everyone knew how committed & dedicated you are, they all would be with Salon Builder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll never leave!!!

I'll be the first to sign up on a testimonial page for your company!! Thank u again! "

...I love my website...

Member Since 2002
" Thank you... I can only imagine what our web hits will be next month... we had 23,719 in September which I think is awesome!!! I LOVE MY WEBSITE... I recommend you on every message board... you guys are GREAT! "

...returned to SalonBuilder...

Member Since 2010
" Just wanted you to know that I had another site built and I am really regretting my decision to leave Salonbuilder!! I have paid a HUGE amount of money for this site and it has been a hassel from start to finish! Wouldn't be suprised to see me back at Salonbuilder sometime soon!!! "

**Joanne returned to SalonBuilder soon after and had us create a custom design for under $300 that was quick and easy. She was thrilled to come back and amazed at how easy it was to get the look she wanted with the great tools and customer service she needed. "

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