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How Do I Manage My Web Site and Business With SalonBuilder?

SalonBuilder gives you easy to use point and click tools to create and manage your web site and online presence without the hassle. Make changes to your web site 24/7, add appointments, manage clients, send e-marketing messages, process orders, and more.

Rather than paying a web guy every time to make changes to your web site or paying for memberships to several online marketing/management options... you can get everything you need with your own customized SalonBuilder package. Just sign-up, log in and do it yourself in minutes. No special knowledge or computer software required!

Whether you want to have a simple site to just show off your service menu and build an email mailing list, or you want a full blown management system with online appointments, gift certificate sales, product sales and more... we have made it easy for you to meet your marketing objectives.

What Does a SalonBuilder Membership Include?

SalonBuilder Memberships are slightly different for individual and full service salon's and spa businesses.
For individuals, you can get a website and management tools to run your booth or business. For complete salon's and spa's (large or small) you have access to advanced tools that allow you to manage your staff and business online with ease. See all the great options and features below:

Website: Every membership includes a 7 page website with changeable design options, custom pages, easy to use editing tools for the text, photos, slide shows, logo and more.
  • Home Page - a special greeting for your customers along with your vital contact info
  • Services Page - includes your customized service menu with descriptions and pricing
  • Special Offers Page - a listing of your sales, events, and special deals
  • Product Reviews Page - hundreds of available brand logos for every product line you carry
  • Staff Profiles or About Me Page - an in depth profile and bio for each member of your team
  • Online Guestbook - a powerful tool to build up your online mailing list
  • Contact Page - display your contact info, business hours, and a map of your location
  • You can also add up to 20 additional pages (depending on design chosen) at no extra cost
Custom Designs: Choose from two Custom Design programs to get the unique look you want at the right price. Starting at just $69.

Stock Photos: Access to thousands of beauty industry stock photos for use on your website pages and marketing materials.

Domain Name: Free Domain name hosting for your website (eg:*.

Appointment Booking**: Live Online Booking with integrated calendar, staff management, email/text notifications and more.

Gift Certificates**: Instant Gift Certificate sales with hundreds of beautiful beauty industry certificates to choose from.

E-Marketing: Complete Email Marketing System with graphic headers and text to help you create impressive targeted emails.

Free Enhanced Mobile Site: A matching mobile version of your website with better mobile search results and easy to use buttons for phone use.

Product Sales**: Online Product Sales system with secure ordering form and processing tools.

Photo Galleries**: Multimedia Photo Galleries for before/afters, a tour of your facility, events or other.

Business Builder Articles: Easy to understand info about Search Engine Optimization, Online/Offline Marketing, and more.

Email Accounts: Free domain email accounts ( for your service providers.

BeautySeeker: Free BeautySeeker Listing improves your search rankings.

VIP Customer Support: Outstanding customer service to help you with whatever you need. No Outsourcing. Real People.

*After two successful billing periods your domain will be free. Prior to that there will be a $25 fee to release the domain.
**Each Extra Feature: $9.95/month

How Much Does it Cost?

Complete SalonBuilder Memberships cost just $34.95/month and Individual Memberships are just $24.95/month.

Now, you may be thinking, I can get a website for just a few dollars a month somewhere else, but those generic web systems offer just a few pretty pages. With SalonBuilder you get so much more then a website. Our memberships include a complete online system to manage your salon or spa business.

We have industry specific content such as professional photos, products, services, pre-built special offers and web page text, a complete email marketing system and additional management features. For just a few extra dollars a month you can use our advanced booking system to take online appointments and manage your daily calendar, you can sell instant printable gift certificates (that are made for salon's and spas), you can sell products, and even support larger multi-location businesses. We also make sure your website will get the great search results you need to be successful online.

If you paid for each of those things individually you would pay WAY MORE then $34.95 a month. Get on board with the best, easiest to use, beauty industry management system out there. Join Salon Builder today for free...

30 DAY FREE TRIAL: For the first 30 days your membership is completely FREE. No strings attached, no setup fees, no contracts!

Who Uses SalonBuilder?

Salon's and Spa's across the country use SalonBuilder. We have a range of members from individual booth renters or independent massage therapists, to large corporate Salon's and Day Spas using the same tools to build and manage their own website. Click here to view some of our custom and standard featured sites!

What Makes SalonBuilder Better Then The Competition?

We know that we have created an especially good system for our customers, because we know the professional salon and spa industry.

There are many sites that claim to give you "self-serve" tools. but we have specially designed our tools, imagery, and text for YOU - the salon owners, stylists, therapists, technicians, and managers that work in this great industry.

Most of our customers are hands-on people that make a living behind the chair. So we don't expect you to know the ins-and-outs of web development and programming. In fact, you will have a fully functional web site up and running within moments of registering, without typing a single line of code.

We have designed our system to be really easy for you, even if you know nothing about computers.

We are constantly improving our services based on the suggestions of our members. The best thing is, every great suggestion we get, helps to benefit all of our members. So everyone wins. What's more, we are aware of all the intricacies of the salon industry, and have worked with manufacturers, distributors, consultants, educators, and everyone in between.

We are the developers for some of the industry's hottest sites and technologies, including the new, Your Beauty Network, Salon Training International, Wella USA (Sales Force Automation),, as well as the Paul Mitchell The School web site and partner schools, and the Masters Audio Club, just to name a few. So we really try to understand your unique needs and communicate to you in a way that makes sense.

A testimonial from a former member: "Just wanted you to know that I had another site built and I am really regretting my decision to leave Salonbuilder!! I have paid a HUGE amount of money for this site and it has been a hassle from start to finish! Wouldn't be surprised to see me back at Salonbuilder sometime soon!!!"

Can I Use a Unique Design or Can I Make Changes to Existing Designs?

YES!! We have several options for making your website unique and different. The Complete Custom Design Program lets you choose your own colors, navigation buttons and page names, layout and style. You can use outside designers or work with our design team to capture the look and feel that best reflects your Salon or Spa. Complete custom designs start at $399.

We are now offering a new inexpensive Semi-Custom Design Program that lets you change the look and feel of your site for the low price of just $69. How it works: We start out with the layout of an existing template and you get to choose your own unique background and fonts. You can use photos, a pattern, other graphical element or a combo of those, or send us to a site you really like and we can mimic the style. We will incorporate your logo into a custom header and you get to choose a specialized font for the text on all of your pages.

To get started, when you signup, fill in your information and choose "custom design" as your template option. You can get started right away adding your services and info to your pages and all information you add to your temporary site will transfer to your custom design when it's launched. Then, send us an email with with your ideas and we will get back to you to get started on your design. Questions or or call 866-805-6325 ext 102

I Already Have a Website, Why Should I Switch to SalonBuilder?

It depends on this single factor: Is your web site actually Making you Money? Or is it just Costing you Money?

If you already have a successful web site, then we congratulate you and encourage you to keep doing whatever it is you've been doing to get to where you are today. But one thing we consistently hear from our members is "I used to have a site, but every time I wanted to make a change, I had to call the web guy, waited two weeks, and then got charged an arm and a leg!" And half the time the change wasn't even correct! Or it cost more than you were quoted. We believe in empowerment, so we give you the tools to make these changes yourself and get them right the first time.

And even better, we offer you some fabulous options to turn your site into a real money-making machine. By selling gift certificates and products, and taking appointments online, you can build customer loyalty, save administrative costs in your salon, free up the phones for new clients, and take orders 24/7 even when nobody is behind the front desk.

Can I Link To My Current Booking or Gift Sales System?

Of course you can! In fact, we often create special graphical buttons for our clients who already have online software for booking or gift sales. We can help you get your links setup or you can do it yourself at anytime using the easy editing tools we offer with SalonBuilder.

Can I Use My Domain Name With My Website?

If you already have a domain name registered you can absolutely use it with a SalonBuilder website. You will need to make a simple change to your Domain Name Servers (DNS) to allow us to host your website but there is no fee associated with the change. Detailed instruction on this change can be found in the membership section after you register for your free trial. It's really easy to do and if you need help we have customer service rep's ready to assist you.

Can I Connect To My Facebook And Other Social Sites?

Yes you can! You have access to several options for social networking. You can add badges to your site pages and emarketing messages that link to your various profiles and social sites. You can post your special offers or promotions to Facebook using easy integrated tools (just check a box and it will post to your profile) and you can even add a Facebook social feed onto your website home page to encourage likes and get new friends. Add a Google Plus or Facebook Like button to count up your friends right on your home page or send us a request to have any other widget or button added that you want. You can even embed videos directly from youtube to your website pages! Marketing yourself using social networks is a great inexpensive way to increase traffic and get new clients.

Can I Try SalonBuilder Out Before I Pay Money for it?

You bet you can! We wouldn't ask you to choose your salon chairs without giving you a chance to sit on them! So we offer you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of SalonBuilder with absolutely NO OBLIGATION to remain a member.

You get 30 full days to build your web site, customize your service menu, add your own imagery and text, start taking appointments, send emarketing messages, and more. Test drive the whole system with access to informative articles and our complete library of beauty industry stock photos for use on your web site and marketing materials. Get familiar with how everything works to see for yourself why SalonBuilder is exactly what you need to build your business online.

There are no required set-up fees, no long-term obligations, and no "early cancellation" fees. Just a single, monthly bill that is conveniently charged to your credit card.

If it's not right for your business, you can cancel your membership at any time.

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