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Flint, MI   

Here at Pure Bliss we believe that education is key to developing a great team.  We continually hold classes for our team members, to not only learn about the products we sell, but new trends in the industries that apply to their individual roles here.

Classes Held Recently
November 12, 2013
National Pravana educator, Marcie Hamilton taught a class detailing advanced color techniques & product education. This class was very in depth & advance education! It was attended by Ali Michell, Allie Magnus, Lindsey Stevenson, Monica Mihailuk, Melissa Withey, Lia volpe, Susan Boven, Michelle Crawford, Stacy Emmendorfer, & Jim Smith.

November 11, 2013
We held a class taught by our Pure Bliss Salon & Spa owner, Melissa Withey! This class was focused on building a better business for us all! We learned the truth about what is really in the shampoos & conditioners that we can purchase at the grocery store & why salon professional products are much safer for us all! This class was attended by Melissa Withey, Randy Withey, Jenn Cook, Torie Wilkins, Kristen Maxwell, Travis Birchmeier, Stuart Shankster, Jim Smith, Bobbie Colliver, Marcie Hamilton, Lia Volpe, Stacy Emmendorfer, Melinda Trowsse, Susan Boven, Monica Mihailuk, Patti Bernard, Lindsey Stevenson, Sheree Aryes, Ali Mitchell, Allie Magnus, Beth Bridges & Jessica Ramsey.

October 29, 2013
This is a big education day at Pure Bliss! The day starts out with all day training with National Educator Vanessa Love from Epicuren, our new Anti-Aging skin care line! The class will be attended by Amy McCoy, Kristen Maxwell, Adia Blacker, Julie Poulos, Travis Birchmeier, Andrea Stortini, Deanna Martin, Melissa Withey, Jenn Cook, Julie Schanick, Amy Hudson, Miranda Kittle, Sheree Ayres, Lia Volpe, Susan Boven & Lindsey Stevenson.

To end the day we are holding a Pravana Color Tips & Tricks with National Educator, Marcie Hamilton from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

October 21, 2013
We were excited to hold a Wella Color Correction class with National Educator, Jen Pederson from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. This class was attended by stylists Lindsey Stevenson, Jim Smith, Susan Boven, Stacy Emmendorfer, Lia Volpe, Amy Hudson, Allie Magnus, Melissa Withey, Ali Mitchell & Michelle Crawford.

October 5  & 20, 2013
Pure Bliss is proud to host NovaLash classes here 1-2 times per month with advanced NovaLash educator, Lindsey Rohner. 

August 29 - October 17, 2013:
Pure Bliss Salon and Spa is proud to announce that the Vidal Sassoon cutting classes are being offered by our on site educator Jessica Ramsey, to our motivated hair stylists over the next 10 weeks! These cutting classes are industry wide known as one of the best cutting systems out there! The stylists that have taken the time to learn, review and make sure their skills are top of the line are Stacy Emmendorfer, Ali Magnus, Marcie Hamilton, Jim Smith, Melissa Withey, Kevin Stanke, Lia Volpe, Susan Boven, Lindsey Stevenson, Ali Mitchell and assistants Kristin Pelky, Amanda Beck, Amy Hudson and Miranda Kittle. Pure Bliss is dedicated to offering the best and most updated education to their staff to make sure that you always receive the most modern and precise styles that is always changing. Please call today to book with one of these stylists! 810-820-6377

August 21, 2013: Pure Bliss Salon and Spa EDUCATION is back in full swing! Monica, Ali Mitchell, Lia, Lindsey Stevenson, Ali Magnus, Amanda, Melissa and Michelle all took time out of their busy back to school schedules and attended the Pravana update class given by our own in house Pravana educator, Marcie! Way to stay ahead of the game and showing that education and being updated matters to you! Call now to book with one of these girls to see what is new! 810-820-6377 In the past year there have been many classes held on-site for our team members.

~May 28th, Up Styling Techniques Class, taught by Eufora educator, Jessica Ramsey. This class was attended by our own stylists.

~May 8th, Vivids Ombre Class, taught by Pravana educator, Marcie Hamilton. This class was attended by our stylists & 3 stylists from area salons.

~April 29th, Educators Marcie Hamilton & Jessica Ramsey taught a class entitled, "Glamor". It included glamorous updos s for special occasions and everyday styles. This class was attended by our own stylists.

~ April 22nd, International Educator, Yumi & Sebastian taught a class on The Modern Updo. Our own stylists attended.

~March 26th, Power Dry Class, taught by Jessica Ramsey. This class was attended by our own stylists and 1 stylist from an area salon.

~February 26th, Make Up Techniques Class was taught by Stacy Emmendorfer with emphasis on brush technique.

~February 18th, Reflexology Foot Massage Class was held here at Pure Bliss for our nail technicians. This class was taught by C.M.T., Kristen Maxwell.

~February 4th,  Advanced Cutting & Styling with Jessica Ramsey, Eufora Educator. She  taught advanced techniques in cutting & styling & the class was attended by our own stylists as well as 2 stylists from area salons.

~ December 4th , National Hair Artist, Dennis Joseph, with BaByliss, held a styling and equipment class here at Pure Bliss.  The class was attended by our own stylists, as well as , three other stylists from area salons.

~October 25th we held a Pretty With Pravana class.  One of our  hairstylist is a trainer for Pravana and she shared her knowledge of this product line with our team members.  Pravana is the newest hair care line that we offer here.

~October 16th we held a Skype training session to update our spa staff's knowledge on our D'vine skin care line.

~Each Tuesday,  for a series of weeks, our very own Eufora Educator is holding classes for our stylists to showcase different cuts.

~ September 24th- We hosted a Sebastian, Create What's Next class, where stylists and salon owners from many different areas attended.  This class was a 5 hour hands on inspirational and educational seminar that featured a Sebastian Top Artist.

~ August 20th - Product training on new additions to our  Eufora product line.

~June 19th - We held a Styling Tools class that increased their knowledge in how to create a number of different styles.  Among them were...Beachy waves, sexy waves, updo looks, how to make waves last longer, creating awesome blowouts, and more.

~June 11th - Wella Color Class was held to teach proper mixing of colors, as well as, how to create great color variance.  Much more information was given so that our stylists would have the newest information with regard to color knowledge in our industry.

~ June 10th - We had a national educator from Eufora here to teach an Advanced  Cutting class.  This class was open to not just our team members, but other salon stylists as well.  

Previous classes have included:  a D'Vine skin care two day training with hands on teaching, 2 other Wella classes, and 2 Eufora product knowledge classes.
2/23/2015  Wella Color class taught by color educator Nancy Drabek

3/17/2015  Pravana color class featuring Pravana Chromasilk Essentials

3/21/2015  Mastering Handcrafted Hair

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