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Salon Recruiting and Human Resources (Part 5)

This is a question that virtually every salon and spa has asked time and time again.

They graduate from an academy, leave another employer or re-enter the workforce, and one of the first places they look is THE INTERNET!

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This new medium is perhaps the first destination for job seekers in virtually every industry. The Internet is the "virtual job fair" matching employers and employees with no restrictions of time and distance.

Most of the current graduates from beauty academies throughout the US are members of "The Internet Generation". They are used to logging on to the web and doing research, checking email, and chatting with friends. The newspaper with it's expensive classifed ads and limited distribution is not the first place your future employees will look when they are ready for the job market. They fire up their laptops and let their mouse do the work.

SalonBuilder has a sister site, dedicated to serving the professional beauty industry with a simple to use job search engine designed specifically for salons, spas, distributors, and manufacturers.

Don't limit your search for great people to your local newspapers. We have found that over 60% of job seekers are willing to relocate for the right position. A Paul Mitchell the School graduate would make a great addition to your team regardless of where they are from. You just have to reach out to them using the Internet.

For a fraction of the cost of running classfied ads or using a recruiter, you can place job listings, and review the detailed profiles of thousands of registered job seekers using

If you join as a "LISTING MEMBER" your job listing will be seen by the thousands of daily visitors to the website. Job seekers do not need to register to see the job listings!

Now you may be asking why not or The answer is simple. They cater towards all industries and are not dedicated to salons and spas. They also cost about 10 times the price of SalonEmployment.

Your membership in SalonBuilder shows that you have the insight to use the Internet for building your business. Now you can use it to build your team as well. It is really quite simple to do. Just point your browser to and follow the simple registration instructions to jump start your employee search.

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