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Definition of a Barber Shop
A barber shop or barbershop is an establishment that offers hair cutting services for men, women and children.   Barber shops offer basic haircutting services for men, women and children. Barbershops are relatively inexpensive, as compared to professional hair salons. Barber shops usually provide facial grooming services for men as well.

Licensing and employment information for Barber Shops
Barber shops employ licensed barbers specializing in basic hair cutting services and grooming services such as facial hair trimming and shaving. Barber licensing requirements vary from state to state. For a state by state breakdown of licensing requirements, click here. For more information on hair salon and barber jobs, hiring, recruiting and employment, check out Barber Shop jobs, hiring and recruiting.

Services typically offered by Barber Shops
Barbershops provide quick, simple and inexpensive haircut services and are generally geared toward men and children, although some women who get shorter or simpler haircuts go to a barber shop. Businesses that provide more advanced hair cutting and styling services are referred to as hair salons. Hair salons often encompass professional hair styling services with barber shop style haircutting. Most barbershops welcome walk-in customers and don't require appointments.

Products used by or offered by Barber Shops
Most barber shops also include retail sales of hair care and hair styling products such as hair gels, hair sprays, combs, brushes, trimmers, and other tools for hair maintenence.

Professional Barber Shop Websites and Web Design for Barber Shops
SalonBuilder specializes in barber shop web design and web development for barber shops. SalonBuilder has over 80 design and color templates to choose from, and easy to use administration tools so you can manage your website without having to contact a 'web guy'. For more information on SalonBuilder Barber Shop Websites or to sign-up now, click here. Also, check out our extensive list of SalonBuilder website clients.

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