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Medical Spas and Medical Spa Websites, Information and Listings

Definition of a Medical Spa
A med spa or medical spa is an establishment that offers advanced medical treatments for skin and body beautification.   Medical spas, also known as Med Spas offer high end treatments for skin and body, including chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser skin and hair treatments, and often botox and other medical treatments and cosmetic procedures.

Licensing and employment information for Medical Spas
Med spas employ licensed healthcare professionals and spa therapists and specialize in clinical grade asthetic enhancement. Licensing and certification for medical spas is very strict, and may vary from state to state. Always make sure that you check that the individuals performing med spa procedures are licensed. Medical Spa jobs, hiring and recruiting.

Services typically offered by Medical Spas
Medspas may offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures such as Botox, chemical peels, laser skin treatment, laser hair removal, photo-facials, medical dermabrasion, and more. Many medical spas are integrated into high-end day spas, to provide a full range of cosmetic services for skin care and body care. Medical spas employ licensed professionals who specialize in medical services. It's a good idea to talk with the licensed med spa doctor and disclose any allergies or previous medical history before any treatment.

Products used by or offered by Medical Spas
Med spas may offer over the counter skin beautification and body beautification products.

Professional Medical Spa Websites and Web Design for Medical Spas
SalonBuilder specializes in medical spa web design and web development for medical spas. SalonBuilder has over 80 design and color templates to choose from, and easy to use administration tools so you can manage your website without having to contact a 'web guy'. For more information on SalonBuilder Medical Spa Websites or to sign-up now, click here. Also, check out our extensive list of SalonBuilder website clients.

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