Rachel Scanlon

Owner & Stylist

Rachel Scanlon is the owner of Restoration Beauty, the first organic salon to open its doors in Grants Pass. Operating as an independent stylist, her goal is to combine beauty with wellness, for a unique holistic approach. Rachel has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2008, and is currently studying the massage therapy program at Rogue Community College and plans to be a licensed massage therapist by summer of 2019. She began researching organic products after her own cancer scare in 2011. She discovered the dangers of harmful substances found in most traditional beauty products that our bodies absorb through our skin & scalp, as well as breathing through the air while at the salon. “I didn’t want to give up my passion of hairdressing, but wanted safer products for myself and my clients. I discovered how dangerous the chemicals I worked with every day really were. For example parabens, which are often used as a preservative in many shampoos and styling products, are being found in breast cancer tumors. I wanted to provide a non-toxic environment, a haven for health savvy people that don’t want to forgo beauty treatments, but don’t want to be exposed to toxic chemicals in the process.” Rachel says. Thus the salon was born in April of 2014. “I now help people in remission re-growing their hair after chemo, those who stopped going to salons because they would get migraines or become very sick after having their hair colored, or people with extreme skin sensitivities. My job has become extremely rewarding, and I love providing this service for our community. The products I use are not only safe, they provide amazing results. They leave the hair soft, healthy, shiny, and full of life. The color lasts just as long as traditional color and provides excellent gray coverage. Adding massage therapy really enhances the full body wellness I am passionate about promoting, and love incorporating massage into my services. "

My E-Mail: organicbeautygp@hotmail.com